Talent gallops in the family

I have been trying to contact everyone asking for pictures to be updated on the website of all of the puppies.   Its been a challenge with some and a pleasure with others!

Meet Klondike – from the Ice Litter (brother to Cinder).

I am not sure if Klondike is available in countries other than Canada, but it was a 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla ice cream novelty in a sugar cone.   Klondike’s facial markings reminded me of the treat, and so he was named.  His owner’s decided they liked the name and retained it.

Klondike brushing up on his baseball knowledge

However, it turns out that Klondike has talents that I was unaware of.  It appears he inherited his great-great grandmother’s acting ability and is featured in this music video: (he comes in at about the 1:10 mark)

Penny had parts in several different films and commercials but here is a short clip of her on the Shining Time Station special Queen for a Day.

Penny was a huge ball fanatic and would bark until you threw it for her.  The way we shot this scene was for me and Brian (Scheemer) to play ball with her and then throw the ball back and forth and get her worked up so she really wanted that ball!   When they were ready to shoot, I held her back, someone threw the ball to Brian as they counted down, and he put it in his pocket.    Penny ran to him barking for her ball 🙂  Perfect on the first take!

Another funny from this assignment.  I had Penny out of the studio and was playing fetch with her when she wasn’t going to be required for a while.  A guy came out and sat on the floor with me, and we talked about Corgis, and Penny and he threw the ball for her.   After nearly an hour and a half, this really nice guy said he had to get ready for his scenes, picked up his conductor’s uniform and left.

I don’t know if Mr. Conductor is in this clip…..but boy do I feel foolish not knowing who Penny and I were playing ball with for 90 minutes.  I can’t believe I didn’t recognize him!

Star Quality

As Lynn wrote in the comments on the last post the video of the “Queen for a Day” Shining Time Station special IS available on You Tube and seeing Penny again brought a smile to my face – as well as a tear to my eye.

Here are the two main segments she was in:

In this one Penny come in about 30 seconds after it starts barking to let Midge know that Schemer has the Queen’s Jewels.

The way they got her to “act” her part was to drive her into a frenzy tossing a ball back and forth, and then Brian caught the ball and put it in his pocket just as we let her loose. That “Vicious” barking was nothing more than saying “THROW THE BALL!!”

In the second video she comes in about the 3 minute mark.

Now for a funny story to go along with this:

At the 28 second mark you see “Mr. Conductor”. I’m not sure if anyone recognizes who this is. I didn’t.

During a segment of the filming when Penny wasn’t required, I was sitting on the floor playing with her, and this guy came out of the sound stage and started asking questions about Corgis. He was carrying a uniform (his costume) in a bag and he hung it up and sat on the floor with me and played with Penny as he asked about Corgis.

This was the last day of filming and I was invited to stay for the “Wrap Party”, although Penny’s agent didn’t.

The next day she called to ask how I had enjoyed it. I told her it was fun and everyone had been very nice.

She then said, “George is really funny isn’t he.”

“George who?” I asked.

“George Carlin.”

“Where was George Carlin?”

“You were sitting on the floor talking to him for about an hour and a half!”

I hope I didn’t insult him, I really had no idea who he was. Chris thinks he probably found it refreshing. I don’t know if he ever got a corgi himself, or maybe he and Penny are playing ball on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge together.

Queen for a Day

Lynn guessed that maybe the Queen was coming to visit which made me think to dig up this picture of Penny.   Of course the Queen prefers the tailess model, but when this acting job came up Penny was selected for the role of “Queenie” in the Shining Time Station special “Queen for A Day”.

Unfortunately I was never able to get a copy of this movie, but not for a lack of trying!  If anyone has it I’d love to see it. 

Three more days!

and oh yeah…that’s not REALLY the Queen – its’ Jeanette Charles, who played the role in The Naked Gun