Dormitory syndrome

doggy pms

It’s a well known fact that when any group of females lives under the same roof, their cycles will change over a period of time until they all come into the same cycle.  In humans I guess that is the Creators way of saving the lives and/or sanity of the males in the household (Modern Family did a funny show on this).  In animals it is so the flock, pack or herd all raise their young together.   For dog breeders it’s to drive us to the brink of insanity!  Not only do we have our plans all messed up but every boy in the house loses their brain function for the entire stretch of time!


I have been waiting for four girls to come into season that are of breeding age and I have found suitable Daddies for any of them .  Their cycles were due from as far back as February – but there have been no hormone princesses for almost a year which in some ways has actually been quite nice!    No lovesick Irish Wolfhound tenors every two hours!

 All that has come to an end   The first of the hormone princesses was bred last week, and now another is in season!   Daddy’s parents are on high alert so “daddy in a tube” can be shipped.

For those on the waiting list expect late February or early March to be bringing home your bundle of joy!  

For me – it’s going to mean the guys with the butterfly nets should be making a space for me in the spring!!



News of ribbons and tadpoles

Norton has arrived at his new home in Denmark with Joan and Jens Rogers.   Not wasting any time, he was entered in his first show last weekend at Roskilde.


His first show was very successful and he won Best of Breed from the puppy class.   Since I am still getting used to the European championship requiremenets, forgive me if this is incorrect, but I believe this win gave him his first CAC of the three required for his Danish championship title.  Apparently, like in many places in Europe, he must win at least one CAC after the age of 18 months to finalize the title.   I actually like this system as it would weed out many of the pretty puppies who fall apart at a year of age!


While that has been going on, I have been running the Hormone Hotel and Infirmary here at home.   It appears that a mild form of Kennel Cough came home with many of us from the National, even in vaccinated dogs.  It is making its way through the youngsters here.  Add that to the fact that Dash, Naomi and Jade are ALL in season, it is a little nuts on the home front.   Even Hunter is taking part in the love ballad chorus, and with four boys here (Brogan, Chip, Dragoon and Hunter) the range of harmonics is quite interesting.

The lucky guy though arrived by test tube.   Jade has been undergoing progesterone testing for the past week, and the tadpoles from Powell arrived on Thursday and Friday.   I truly wish that FedEx could get itself oranized!!!   The shipment from Wednesday was supposed to arrive at the vets Thursday afternoon.   I was in the vicinity of the airport at a CKC Audit Committee meeting.    On my way to the vets to collect Jade, I called and was told that it hadn’t arrived.   I got on the phone and found out it was still sitting at the airport, so I arranged to turn around and pick it up.    I asked how could I avoid the problem with the shipment for the next day, and I was told to tell the shipper to mark the package to be held at the airport depot for pickup the next day.

When I got to the vet, the ice pack in the “Puppy Pack” had thawed, but thankfully the semen was still viable.   Later, I got a call from the vets office in Texas saying that FedEx had refused to take the shipment marked as we were told, so they had to ship it to my vet’s office again.

I called in the morning to interrupt the shipment while it was still in customs to ask them to hold it at the airport again.   On the way down, I got a call telling me it had been put on a truck to Cambridge.   Thankfully I hadn’t reached the airport yet, so I detoured west and picked it up.   This time the frozen pack was still mostly frozen and we had another successful AI.

All being well Dragoon should be a big brother on or about July 9th.   Fingers, toes and paws all crossed!



Two months of catch up – The Biker Gang

And now for the hooligans of the second litter.  I cant find the photos we spent hours taking so I am going to have to do the best I can with what I have been sent.  As to the new parents of the DD – SEND PICTURES!!!

And without further ado:

Max at 9 weeks

Meet Max – Yasashiikuma Maximum Chrome.     I chose that name because he has the absolute maximum allowable white (chrome) and his family has decided to keep it. You can see it comes as close as possible to surrounding the right eye, but doesn’t 🙂   He has gone to live in New York, with a Basset Hound named Barney for a big brother.

Abby at 9 weeks

Next is Abby (the Puppy formerly known as Star!) 🙂    Abby has gone to live with Betty Jean and Dale Greig, and is now Yasashiikuma Rebel at Conifers (not to be confused with her brother Rebel).   She will begin competing in conformation in the winter, but her life’s goal is to become an obedience and Therapy Dog.   She sleeps in Josie’s place, and she has some mighty big paw prints to fill, but with her sweet temperament I’m sure she is going to excel at the job.   Betty Jean and Dale have a new Aussie puppy the same age, so life in their house right now is far from boring!
And now we are back to what I have on hand:

Maple at 7 weeks

 This was the pretty little girl known as Ariel – she is now Maple – so she will remember her Canadian heritage as she lives her life down in Texas with Sonnie and her cousin Justin.  She is registered as Yasashiikuma Raise a Ruckus

Bling at 7 weeks


Harley has now been  re-christened as “Bling”.   I love his registered name which comes from the new Harley-Davidson motto – “The Eagle Flies Alone” – he is Yasashiikuma Eagles Fly Alone, and he is living with Gayle Garvin in Missouri.


Shadow at 7 weeks

Not a great picture – but this is my girl Shadow – Yasashiikuma Rais a Lil Hll (have I said I hate CKC’s limit of 30 character??)  


Rocket at 4 weeks

Ascot is now Frodo and has gone to live in Cambridge,On with the Diamond family. His name is Yasashiikuma Enduro.

The last two boys are still here and looking for homes. Please contact me if you are interested.  


Norton at 7 weeks


First is Norton, Yasashiikuma Born to Be Wild.   I have tried to get video but living on your own it is NOT easy!

Norton is looking for a show home.


Aero at 7 weeks

And last but definitely not least Aero, Yasashiikuma Easy Rider.   Again, I would like to find him a show home, but would consider someone who is willing to work on performance titles.   



Two months of catch up – Puppy News – DD Litter


Seventeen puppies can sure eat up some huge chunks of time.    Now that I am down to five at home here is a little bit of an update on who is who, and where.

Please send more recent pictures – these are already pretty outdated!!


The DD Litter

Todd is now Justin, and has gone to live with Sonnie Kay Grissom in Texas.  Watch for Yasashiikuma Dancehall Doctor (Tim McGraw’s band for those not in the know about country music. )  His name was chosen because of Dolly’s association with Country.


Justin at 7 weeks

Dash is now Yasashiikuma Dare to Dream, and she’s staying right here at home 🙂

Dash at 7 weeks
Draco is now Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender, and will soon be making the trip to Holland to live with Hanno and Rachel Dijkhorst.

Draco at 7 weeks


Daffyd, is now Darby, and he is Yasashiikuma Doctor Darby.   He is living in Ingleside Ontario, and will be taking up a career as a Therapy Dog.  And yes, he’s fluffy and pink, and as sweet as could be! 

Darby at 7 weeks

Dixie, is now Bunny – appropriate since she is growing by leaps and bounds!!  She is now Yasashiikuma Diggin Up Daisies, and lives in London, Ontario

Bunny at 7 weeks

Darren has gone to live with his Daddy in Florida, summering in Maine.   He is now Yasashiikuma Telltail Dble Dare and will soon be making his ring debut also.

Darren at 7 weeks


Daisy has gone to live in Arizona with Lori Kopreski.  Lori decided to keep her name, since she was born in the car, and she is Yasashiikuma Driving Ms Daisy.

Daisy at 7 weeks

And last, but definitely not least is Thor (previously Dylan) who has gone to live in Montreal, and who is known as Yasashiikuma Dumble Dor.

Thor at 7 weeks