Star Quality

As Lynn wrote in the comments on the last post the video of the “Queen for a Day” Shining Time Station special IS available on You Tube and seeing Penny again brought a smile to my face – as well as a tear to my eye.

Here are the two main segments she was in:

In this one Penny come in about 30 seconds after it starts barking to let Midge know that Schemer has the Queen’s Jewels.

The way they got her to “act” her part was to drive her into a frenzy tossing a ball back and forth, and then Brian caught the ball and put it in his pocket just as we let her loose. That “Vicious” barking was nothing more than saying “THROW THE BALL!!”

In the second video she comes in about the 3 minute mark.

Now for a funny story to go along with this:

At the 28 second mark you see “Mr. Conductor”. I’m not sure if anyone recognizes who this is. I didn’t.

During a segment of the filming when Penny wasn’t required, I was sitting on the floor playing with her, and this guy came out of the sound stage and started asking questions about Corgis. He was carrying a uniform (his costume) in a bag and he hung it up and sat on the floor with me and played with Penny as he asked about Corgis.

This was the last day of filming and I was invited to stay for the “Wrap Party”, although Penny’s agent didn’t.

The next day she called to ask how I had enjoyed it. I told her it was fun and everyone had been very nice.

She then said, “George is really funny isn’t he.”

“George who?” I asked.

“George Carlin.”

“Where was George Carlin?”

“You were sitting on the floor talking to him for about an hour and a half!”

I hope I didn’t insult him, I really had no idea who he was. Chris thinks he probably found it refreshing. I don’t know if he ever got a corgi himself, or maybe he and Penny are playing ball on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge together.