“Rudolph” – Ch. Yasashiikuma Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph was my very first Cardigan champion. A beautiful red boy with a very serious attitude he not only showed in conformation but also did obedience. Unfortunately, he never did complete his CD and was retired to a pet home.

Pedigree of Ch. Yasashiikuma Rudolph Valentino – “Rudolph”
Yasashiikuma Rudolph Valentino Tessaracts Pete Of Santana Quick’s Charlemagne Cardrew Christopher Watched CD
Twinroc Classy Chassis
Checkmate Amber Tessaract Checkmate’s Bounty Hunter ROMs
Checkmate Lady-Hillsborough
Finnshavn Disglaircopr Ceinoig Markwell’s Silas Marner Talbot’s Pilot Programme
Finnshavn’s Julia Jarvis AM/CAN CD
Bawyni’s Sweet Molly McGee Finnshavn Bawyni Friar Tuck CAN CD
Vanderro’s Sweet Georgia Brown
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