“Jaime” – Yasashiikuma Cerydwen Sorceress

Jaime is shown winning her first points at the Caledon Kennel Club show, going best of Breed under Judge Martin Doherty.

Jaime is the newest generation at Yasashiikuma, and my keeper puppy from the “Six Million Dollar Litter”, and named for Jaime Somers – the Bionic Woman.

Too cute for her own good she is full of mischief and is more frequently known as “Bad Puppy”.

Jaime is shown here at 5 weeks old.

Another picture of Jaime at 5 weeks.

Jaime at 6 weeks.

Jaime and her sister Leeloo at 18 months.

Pedigree of Yasashiikuma Cerydwen Sorceress – “Jaime”
Am/Cdn Ch. Kingsbury’s I’m Harry P.
“Harry Potter”
Am Ch. Larchmonts Bogus
Am. Ch. Warwick-Larchmont Bodacious
Am. Ch. Sisterwood’s Pteri Tiger
Am. Ch. Kingsbury’s Mirror Image Am. Ch. Pluperfect Pennywise, ROMS
Am/Cdn Ch. Kingsbury’s Carbon Copy
Ch. Yasashiikuma Sabra
Am/Cdn Ch. Phi-Vestavia Uriel of Caerleon
Am. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Peter Pan
Am. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Trouble in Chaos
Ch. Yasashiikuma Spiced Rum
Am/Cdn Ch. Merrymoon Firestorm
Ch. Yasashiikuma Cinnamon Heart

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