“Chief” – Ch. Yasashiikuma Burning Issue

Chief is owned by Norman Dale of Prince George, British Columbia and was shown to his championship with great success by his  daughter Eden.  At the Canadian National Specialty on June 5, 2010 they won Best of Winners to finish his championship nicely with a 5 point win.

A month earlier Chief and Eden earned a 3 point win at the Lakes District Kennel Club show – by earning a Group 3rd when there was no other breed competition!

This was their first show together – and Chief was definitely in the long lanky teenage stage here – but still did well enough to earn another 3 point win by going Best of Winners.   Looking up the page you can see how well they have progressed as a team

And here is the picture from Chief’s very first show 🙂

Pedigree of Ch. Yasashiikuma Burning Issue – “Chief”
Yasashiikuma Burning Issue Merrymoon Noblestar Jacob Mazara Merrymoon Reggae Bob Rhydowen I Be Jammin NA TT ROMb
Cardach Happy’s Blu Bootes
Merrymoon Devil Woman Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans ROMs
Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable
Yasashiikuma Fire and Ice Mc Lea’s Admiral Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT ROMg
Mc Lea’s Allie
Yasashiikuma Spiced Rum Merrymoon Firestorm
Yasashiikuma Cinnamon Heart
This pedigree was generated by http://www.cardiped.net

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