Western Reserve 2010 – Day 1

Another hot and muggy yearly trip to Ohio.  I think they need to move the show to October! 

This show has become a hard trip for me. Emotionally, its the last place Chris and I travelled to together before he went into the hospital, so every corner of the town has memories.   Our usual evening walk to the ice cream store or the candy store, is something I now don’t want to do  alone.   Plus because it is such a big show, and everyone has so many dogs entered not a lot of socializing gets done during the day.   This year the heat zapped people so badly there wasn’t any socializing in the evenings either!

Physically, I always seem to do myself in at this show.   The Sunday before leaving I tried to get something out of the glove box of the van, leaning over the seat, and pulled a muscle in my back.  Chiropractic treatements Monday and Tuesday at least had me walking normally again.  However, after the long drive Thursday, I put it out again trying to set up everything by myself.  So again I had to rely on everyone else to do my work for me 🙁

Chaverah - 1st - 9-12 female in Sweeps

Chaverah and Amigo both won their sweepstakes classes on Friday under Kathy Davis, but progressed no further.

However, in the regular classes we had quite a successful day. Our judge for Friday was Simon J. Parsons, from the U.K.

Amigo - 1st - 9-12 month Male

Amigo won his 9-12 puppy male class with Katie Brooks handling him. Katie and Amigo have already earned one major in the U.S. plus a single.

Dragoon - Reserve Winners Dog

Dragoon and Tim won the Open Dog class. In Winners, the judge pulled Dragoon, and then Amigo, and then Kathy and Cathy’s Ramsay (the 6-9 month winner). Unfortunately for me, (good news for them!) Ramsay was Winners Dog, and Dragoon was Reserve. There is no Best Puppy award at WR – so Amigo went no further.

Chaverah - 1st - 9-12 month female

Chaverah again won the 9-12 month class in the regular show, but also went no further.

Dolly - Select Bitch - and NEW GRAND CHAMPION!

The highlight of the day was that Dolly was awarded Select Bitch, for another 5 point major. This completed her American Grand Championship also. In the photo are Tracie Zeitz, who handled her to this win, and Katie Brooks, who put the first 23 points on her in 3 weekends.

1st in Veteran 13+ and Stud Dog

The two old-timers did well for themselves too. Hunter won the 13+ sweeps and regular class, and Best Stud dog, and Rocky won Best Brood Bitch (she was too young for veterans at this show).

A nice load of ribbons (especially that Select Rosette!!), a nice bunch of trophies, and a new Grand Championship – not a bad day at all!

Midnight musings

Actually more like 1:36 a.m., but I’m on night shift tonight, and Tim has gone to get a well deserved full night of sleep. Here are a couple of pictures he snapped during the day today.

First, here is ABA – or Amie, Buddy and Amigo from left to right.

Then Rocky checking out little Chaverah. For those who haven’t googled that one – it means friend in Hebrew.

And lastly Pal using his sisters for a pillow…look at that gut!! He’s getting his share!

24 hours…

So here we are at 24 hours old. So far everyone is very vigorous and either gained or a minor loss.

The only major loss has been sleep. I got a couple of hours of sleep in the afternoon, and left Kaye and Tim in charge.

Last night I set up the baby monitor with instructions to turn it on before they retired. At 3:30 I’d heard nothing so I came downstairs to this:

Corgis friends won’t recognize Tim, but some of the wolfie folks should! The last time Tim came to visit with the family was 10 years ago. The puppies were all quiet and fed, and sound asleep, so I guess the puppysitter was too!