Meet the Family – Jonathon – Yasashiikuma Highway to Heaven

Today’s story is the happy story of a boy who had a bit of a tumultuous life…but landed safely in the home of Kris and Zach



Recently celebrating his ninth birthday, Jonathan is our beloved household companion and best friend. He came to live with Zach and I in early November of 2012, having been rescued by Shelley from his previous owners who wanted to abandon him on a farm. Knowing the dog that he is, we cannot fathom why any person would have wanted to get rid of him. Jon is a joy to live with and is one of the sweetest, most loyal dogs I have known. Jon is special to us for many reasons, one of which is that he is Zach’s very first dog. He is special to me because his mother was half sister to the very first Cardigan that I had ever met/shown: a beautiful girl named Megan, back in 2000. It is funny how life goes sometimes, how it is really all one giant circle. It is very easy to see that Jon was meant to be ours.


When we first met Jon, he seemed shy and worried. You could tell he was a dog who just wanted someone to love him and that he had been pushed away by people he loved. Within a few minutes though, he was cozying up beside Zach and I. We decided to give it a try and took him home. Zach had hockey that night, so it was just me and Jon home for the first bit. We followed me around like a shadow, looking at me with a questioning gaze, “are you going to let me stay here? I promise I’ll be good!” It wasn’t long before he bonded with us, never leaving our sides.


We lived on a farm when Jon first came to live with us. He loved chasing his red jolly ball in the big fields, giving us hours of free entertainment!

Jon was a good boy through some tumultuous times. We had to move a couple of times before we were able to buy a house, and Jon adjusted to city living with ease. We were impressed by his adaptable nature and easy going attitude.


Jon has become very popular with our family members. When Zach’s Mom was battling breast cancer and undergoing chemo treatments, Jon would go visit her. He would lay beside her on the couch for hours, knowing that his comfort was needed. Now that she has recovered, she still borrows Jon for regular visits. He gets pretty spoiled there! As she says, “what happens at Gramma’s house, stays at Gramma’s house!”

Last year, we welcome a second Cardigan into our home. Jon immediately fell in love with Savannah and they are now best buds! They both enjoy playing in the yard, going for walks 10419509_10101016740830747_2630471569081899182_nand visiting family members.

In our opinion, you just couldn’t get a better dog than Jon. We are so happy to have him in our lives. Thank you, Shelley, for allowing us to have such a special boy!  10448749_10101002788456417_3551269125296250337_n

Good news!


News this morning is that Jon has fit in like he has belonged all his life, so it is safe to say that he has a new home 🙂   So nice to have some good news.   Enjoy the rest of your life in your new home buddy – you deserve it!




A busy week!

This has been a particularly busy and stressful week, and its actually been very nice to have a lot of photos of the babies coming through on phone, email, facebook.

First good news!  It looks like Jonathon has found himself a home!  Jonathon has gone home for a trial with Kristine and Zack.   From these pictures you can pretty well see that he has selected them 🙂



The babies are all growing up so fast and I’ve got lots of new photos of the Olympic kids.

This is Ben with his two boys.   He is growing so big!!



Next we have Miko (formerly Goldie) with her big sister (actually great aunt!!) Lola.   Lola was Kirby  from a two puppy litter I had many years ago from Gale and TM.

Looks like you need to scoot your bum over a few inches Baby, or you are going to slide off that couch !   Lola, while leery of the interloper at first has accepted her totally.


And here is the latest of Zeus.  Zeus is attending puppy school and we hope to have him out in the show ring this winter. Look at that lovely front assembly!   But its his sweet nature that is most attractive to his family.


As for show puppies,our keeper Athena made her debut at the Montreal shows.  Canada now has a baby puppy class, and Athena made her ring debut, along with Junior handling with Matt.  Are these two not the cutest pair?




And finally, we had an unexpected stop at the dealership yesterday   Walking back to my car I noticed the tailpipe and muffler had separated.   I was on my way back home from taking “the triplets” to the vet for their final shots. Since I didn’t want the puppies in the truck while the airgun was being used to remove the broken bolts, I took them into the waiting room with me.


I’m afraid the boys did not do a lot for the “Lesser Corgi Society” making sure that everyone that came in thought Cardigans were the best dogs in the world.

These three are still looking for forever homes.  On the left is Spirit, in the middle is Victor (Dragoon’s Mini-me) and on the right is Torch   I am looking for show homes for the two brindle boys, and a pet home for Torch.   If anyone is intersted in more information please contact me.






Jonathon wants a boy for his birthday

Jonathon and Matt - 9/19/12

Meet Jonathon – aka Yasashiikuma Highway to Heaven.    He’s going to be 6 years old tomorrow, and he would love to find a home of his own for his birthday, even better one with a boy who loves to play soccer.

Jonathon was in a foster home situation until a few weeks ago, which unfortunately for him did not work out.   He ‘s hasn’t matured to quite the show potential I had hoped, so the priority is to get him into a home where he can happily live out the rest of his life as someone’s neutered companion.


Jonathon and Matt -- 9/19/12

There were a number of concerns expressed by the foster home, so I have been watching him carefully over the last three weeks.  He is definitely male aggressive, so the best placement for him is either a single dog home, or a family with an older female.  He gets overly excited when playing, and that could escalate with a younger female.    He supposedly had some housebreaking issues, but under supervision I have not had any problems.

Another concern expressed was that he was so shy that he shook and messed when taken anywhere.   He’s been exposed to lots of new people and places (including my office) over the past three weeks, again without issue.  He has walked through our plant with its banging machinery and loud noises and speakers, and not even flinched. He is a little reserved at first with some new people but warms up quickly once they take the time to get to his level and make friends with him.  It doesn’t seem to matter male or female – there are just some people he warms up to immediately, and some take a couple of minutes (faster if they have treats in their office since this is a dog friendly environment).

The ideal home is someone who would take the time to take him to obedience or agility classes to help build his confidence.   Older children would be ideal, but I would be loathe to place him with a toddler at this time because apparently there was a growling issue at one time.  Someone who is active and has patience to help him adjust, and would enjoy a good game of football with him, would make Jonathon a very happy fellow.

If you are interested in Jonathon please drop me a line.