Pruning the tree helps it develop stronger

Last weekend I wrote about my history from the beginning and how I went from my first champion to Dragoon and Savannah.   The tree, however, did not grow in  totally straight. There were many twists, turns  and some branches needed to be pruned off in order to develop a healthy line of dogs

So going back to the third generation, I had a nice girl named Abbey (Yasashiikuma Cinnamon Heart) that was the source of another branch of the family tree.

Abbey was bred twice to Hunter.   

judodkcThe first litter, born on the first night of Hannukah, was my Hannukah litter.   In this litter were two puppies I allowed friends to co-own, paying nothing for them.   Judith, pictured above, and Mike.  Unfortunately the co-owners of Judith divorced, and the husband decided he wanted her (out of spite) and I lost her in a court battle, getting paid less than I had expended on show entries and handling.  Apparently later he met a new girlfriend who didn’t like the dog and left her with his ex-wife, of course now spayed.   Mike’s co-owner took him to Ireland, and then dumped him.  Thankfully I did hear where he ended up and I was informed when he passed on a short while ago

The repeat of the litter, a year later was the Spice Litter.


Megan was a pretty girl with a lot of very nice attributes.   The youngest in a houseful of adult dogs she believed she was the princess until the arrival of her half-sister Gale a few months later.   Megan had a very short and satisfying road to her championship.  When I had asked others if there would be competition at the Orangeville show, I was told, “Oh no, the judges suck.  But we will be entering the Credit Valley show the next weekend”.  So I decided to enter Megan just for the ring practice, after all entries were only $9 a day back then!  To my surprise there were 8 other class dogs and bitches entered, and by going Best of Winners all three days she was at 9 points.  Only one point from her championship!  The next weekend, all that was entered was one special.  I thought it impossible, but we beat the special for the last point and Megan finished her championship!

Megan had a litter in 2003 sired by Am/Cdn Ch Phi-Vestavia Uriel of Careleon.   Sabra was from my “Liqueur Litter” and finished quite quickly.  She was a substantial bitch, with a pretty head, but needed a better front, and to be lower stationed.   

Sabra died suddenly while I was at a conference.   Not knowing what had killed her I had an autopsy done at Guelph, and learned more than I wanted to know about Chylothorax.  Sabra had one litter sired by Harry Potter and the girl I kept from that was Jaime, Yasashiikuma Cerydwen Sorceres.  (Yes, one S due to space limitations).

Jaime was a very pretty girl, and I had great hopes for her.   She had passed all her health clearancs with flying colours, I had plans to bred her, and then disaster struck.   In July 2009, Jaime also developed Chylothorax.  This time I knew the warning signs, and with great expense and a lot of praying, she came through it.  You can read about that time by clicking here.  Mother and daughter both having this was too much to ignore, so Jaime was spayed and that branch of the family tree was truncated  Happily, Jaime is in an absolutely wonderful pet home where they absolutely adore her and is doing well.

Megan’s second litter, born in 2004 was sired by Am/Cdn. Ch. McLea’s Admiral.   This was my Ice litter and the girl I kept was Cinder (CH. Yasashiikuma Fire and Ice)

Cinder was a very pretty girl with lovely movement, and finished quite quickly by 9 months old.   She had one litter for me – the Fire Crew born in 2008 and sired by Merrymoon Noblestar Jacob.   From this breeding there were two very nice puppies who did very well.

Ch. Yasashiikuma Burning Issue (Chief) is owned by Norman Dale of BC and was shown to his championship by Norm’s daughter.   On the road to his championship she earned a Group 3 with him, and was Best of Winners at the Canadian National in 2010. Not too shabby for her first show dog!

And the girl that I kept was Ember, (Ch. Yasashiikuma Slow Burn) who finished in a single weekend at the London shows, even defeating Dolly for the breed one day!   There was so much that I loved about this girl and would have loved to have carried on with her.  Unfortunately her hips were not good enough for me to carry on with, so another branch of the tree was truncated, and Ember lives with her half brother in Chicago.

Megan did have one more litter, unplanned by me, sired by her 9 month old nephew Spud.   That was my “loose ladies” litter, and they were all placed in pet homes.

So, unfortuantely, although there were some very nice puppies produced by this branch of the family tree, unfortunately none of these lines have been perpetuated, and Chief is my only option to carry on with.

For the next installment, I will go into the detail on the other two branches of the tree – the legacies of Gale and Libby.



Little red dogs

Today’s post is all news about red dogs.

Rachel and Draco

Over in Holland, Draco has started his show career with a bang! On March 3, at the International Dog Show in Groningen he earned his first full CC. On March 18 he won Best of Breed at the International show in Hazerswoude Dorp, and on the 26th, at the French Corgi club show he was best male and best Junior under UK judge Fran Fricker.   A very nice start for Rachel and Draco!  I love his expression, he looks so much like his mama Dolly, in the face.



As hard as it was to place her anywhere, the perfect home came along for Jaime.   She has gone to live with Rolf and Karen in Gravenhurst.   She is somewhere where she can be loved and spoiled and have 24/7/365 attention, as she is home with Karen during the day, and will travel with them on vacations.   Her new companion is a cat that she has already bonded with, and she will have grandchildren to play with.   A perfect situation for her, even if he absence leaves a hole here.  Hopefully, there will be lots of visits since she isn’t too far away!


Chai – the Hebrew symbol for “Life”

I love the fall colours, the crispness in the air, and the beautiful Indian Summer days. In fact for many reasons fall should be my favourite season, except that the period from August 14 – October 17 the calendar is spotted with far too many sad anniversaries – the loss of my mother, father, Bill & Chris. That, combined with the declining daylight hours, make it a hard period to get through.

Yesterday was one of those sad days. Eight years ago someone I loved very much made the choice to end, what he felt, was unbearable suffering. I’ve never talked much about this with anyone, because its always been a “taboo” subject, as well as a controversy. Did he die of natural causes as the pulmonary embolism indicated, or did he die as a result of the massive doses of drugs he took? We’ll never really know. I just know that he chose death, when there could have been so much more life available to him.

In another 30 days, it will be the one year anniversary of Chris’ death. Again Chris made choices through his life, some of which contributed to his untimely death. The choice to not refuse the morphine that he became addicted to at the end, and which eventually killed him, was again a sad choice ending a special life far too soon.

Right now I should be packing for a trip to Europe. I had planned on going on a cruise on which James Van Praagh would be holding seminars for people who booked with his group. Unfortunately I had to make a choice also, and my choice was to save a little red dog who had a great joy for life, and a deadly condition. Perhaps I’m crazy, but I just couldn’t handle any more death.

Someone else in my life has made a choice – and I’m proud of her. My sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer – and she’s chosen to fight it in every possible way available to her. Talk about not taking any bull!! She doesn’t take “we don’t know” for an answer, and she is just amazing as she battles this. I can’t say that I would have her courage. Love you Phyllise!

As I brought the dogs in tonight, Jaime took one wild frap around the yard at full tilt, barking and weaving around Rocky, who I think and hope is also perpetuating the Circle of Life. As she barked and ran with such joy all the questions in my mind fell away.

There was no “choice”. To choose life is the only answer.

Catching up…. (and puppy news)

Sometimes I feel like faster I go, the behinder I get!! There just never seems to be any time

Here are a bunch of quick updates

Day 2 of the Western Reserve Specialty – Dragoon was Reserve Winners Dog under Nancy Cunliffe. Out of the six times Dragoon showed over the weekend he won his class all six times.

He is now back home – and will be having his Canadian debut at the Markham Kennel Club shows.

Despite Murphy’s attempts to throw me off track and prevent any litters from being born here this year, Rocky has been bred, thanks to the assistance of Rob Paterson and Kelly Shane. Of course I won’t know if it is successful for another few weeks, but at least the swimmers arrived without issue this time!

Jaime continues to improve, although she still wears her “track suit” when she’s outside, to prevent sunburn and insect bites on her naked side. Last week Robbie stayed at my house with her while I went to work, and to the Specialty. She was left alone for the first time today, and seems just fine, although I am paranoid of every unusual breath she takes. She is going everywhere with me – including to the CKC for an audit committee meeting. This photo was taken by Joe Mauro to introduce the latest committee member … Jaime! I plan to write an article for the next Bulletin on Chylothorax – if one more dog can be saved it will be worth the effort.

I think that is all the news. I’ll catch up on the weekend if anything more comes to mind.