Chesapeake Specialty


Jolene was once again my star of the weekend, picking up a 3 point and a 5 point major at the all breed show and the first specialty, and going reserve to the 5 point major at the second specialty.   That gives her three majors with a total of 12 points!

Jack picked up his first points on Friday, and Hope was first in her class at all three shows.  It was a great weekend and very enjoyable, and I thank Anne Taylor and Barb Waldkirch for helping me to get the girls into the ring!  You ladies reminded me of what shows SHOULD be like!


Holiday Wishes from Yasashiikuma

Caledon Christmas portrait

As we count down to the holiday season, I just wanted to wish everyone a joyous time, and remember its not about what we all receive, but what we are able to give of ourselves that is important at this time. Take the time to remember those less fortunate by donating to food banks, shelters (pet and people) and being kind to those that you meet. May the year ahead be a happy and joyous one.


Western Reserve and other news

There has been a lot going on that I haven’t reported on so I’m going to take a few minutes to just update.

First – my big accomplishment!!  I passed my M2 Exit test, and I am not a fully licensed M (Motorcycle) driver.   Amazing how much pressure that has taken off me!!  I don’t test well, but when I was waiting for my turn a great big dragonfly landed on my saddlebags and looked at me, and I said “Thanks, Chris!” and it flew away.    Amazing these signs keep coming.

Second, Patrick and Athena’s puppies.   Here are some cuteness photos.  I will be picking them up in two weeks, so I can do the testing and deciding who is going where.  There were 5 boys and 1 girl.

Puppies - 20150019-1 Puppies - 20150019-3 Puppies - 20150920-1Athena is being a wonderful mother and the puppies look good.

Shadow is definitely pregnant and is due October 23rd.   I have fully reserved the litter based on what was seen on the ultrasound, so unless she pops out 13 like the litter she came from they are all spoken for.  

Still waiting on Dash to come in season.  We had a false alarm, but now she is DUE, so hopefully more puppy news coming soon.

And most of the Western Reserve photos have come in.   Gayle Petrick and Lori Sams did a wonderful job with the kids and there were several nice placements!

Jack - Day 1 - 1st in 6-9 sweeps

Jack – Day 1 – 1st in 6-9 sweeps


Angie - 1st 6-9 sweeps

Angie – 1st 6-9 sweeps


Jolene - 2nd 6-9 Sweeps

Jolene – 2nd 6-9 Sweeps


Jack - 2nd 6-9 puppy dog

Jack – 2nd 6-9 puppy dog


Angie 2nd 6-9 Puppy Bitch

Angie 2nd 6-9 Puppy Bitch


Cara - 1st Open Bitch

Cara – 1st Open Bitch


Dolly with her kids Jolene - Reserve Winners Bitch Patrick - Open Dog Cara - Open Bitch

Dolly with her kids
Jolene – Reserve Winners Bitch
Patrick – Open Dog
Cara – Open Bitch

There are a few pictures that didn’t make it here but I understand are on their way of Patrick and Jolene 🙂




A clean sweep


I did not think that much could top the results of Saturday’s dog show, but I was totally unprepared for the results of the show on Sunday.   I was hopeful when I saw the judging panel that a foreign judge might recognize Dragoon’s quality and be willing to put their neck out to reward him over the more common group winning breeds.   I didn’t even dream about a full sweep!

In the breed, the results were the same as Saturday with the exception that Jack was awarded Baby Puppy instead of Jolene.


This last two points finished Patrick’s Canadian Championship   He is now CKC/UKC Ch. Yasashiikuma I Am Not a Number!  His pictures were so lovely I couldn’t decide between the full profile that showed his lovely arch of neck or the 3/4 head shot, so I had the photographer do a collage to show both.  I adore this boy’s head with its full stop and beautiful parallel planes!

Then we went on to the groups.


First little Jack like Jolene was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Group!


Then Dolly was awarded Best Veteran in Group again!


But the topper was watching Edgar and Dragoon win the Group!   I don’t know if that has ever been achieved before to win all of the groups!

Unfortunately, no love for any of them in Best in Show, but what a thrill to be able to watch all of them in the big ring!

I really could have floated home!