Two Losses

Unfortunately amongst all of the good show news there has been some sad news in the Yasashiikuma family.

First shortly after Buddy joined the Klein family they suffered the loss of his uncle Kasha. Kasha was perfect dog with the exception of his problem of swallowing things whole. Unfortunately this proved to be his undoing.

Sympathies go out to Randy, Mandy and Micah on the loss of such a great dog. On the good news side Jade has joined their family as a “foster child” and seems to be fitting in very well, being treated like the princess she believes she is.

Another recent loss is Kayla – the puppy known as “Menorah” from the Hannukah litter born December 23, 1997. Kayla was 12-1/2 years old and is now romping with her brother Mattathias at the Rainbow Bridge. Again sympathies go out to Tony and Michelle Lapenna who have loved Kayla since she was an 8 week old puppy.

For any who have seen the Powerpoint Judge’s Education program that I wrote – Kayla is the little flop eared puppy with the unique eye patch to raise discussion on correctness of markings.  She had an eye patch like the dog in little Rascals – but it did not join the red on her ear.  Made for thought provoking discussion.   Kasha was the dog shown in the toy box with the little girl.    I am glad that the two of them will live on forever in that presentation 🙂