A Couple of Chip videos

Chip was a true character, as I tried to express in my last post.   One of his favourite things, being a singleton puppy, was to entertain himself by throwing toys to himself.  I never managed to catch this on video, but here is some video of him coming close.



When Chip had his surgery to remove a major abcess from his prostate, he needed to be confined to his crate for an extended period because he had 23 staples in his belly. In order to keep him entertained I purchased a selection of puzzles for him. One of his favourites was a fabric cube in which were hidden three balls. This is Chip healed up playing with his ball cube.


Farewell Chip

Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Diamond Solitaire

April 18, 2007 – August 14, 2015

The many faces of Chip


From the time he was a tiny puppy Chip had a personality that stood out, and he was always such a card!  Being a singleton, with an indulgent mother who never corrected him for anything, Chip fully believed the world rotated around him!

Chip was the first dog that Chris was ever the breeder on, and he was the first dog that Chris ever owned.   Therefore, he was a little bit spoiled, and it just proved to him that he was right!


chipsfirstpointsFor his first show, at just 6 months old, we entered Chip as a pointmaker hoping that he might just end up with a Puppy Group win.   Instead Chip the novice puppy, along with Chris the novice handler, kicked my butt with the other dogs, going best of winners for his first points.

 ChipNCOCFBestofWinnersMThe next show Chip attended was a supported entry weekend at the Credit Valley Kennel Club.   He finished his Championship at 8 months old – and what I remember about this show is the judge watching him go around the ring and saying “Cute, cute, cute!”  Yes, he even had it then!

ChipGrp1BPIGOntBrdr0208Two months later, Chip went to the Ontario Breeders Association and was shown by Tom Curley to a Group 1 and a Best Puppy in Group!  He made sure people noticed him!  At another show that winter I overheard a judge watching the Herding Group saying to his wife “Look at that little corgi in there – he thinks he OWNS the ring!”


Our handsome little guy continued to dominate the ring (pictures below)for the next year ending up as #1 Cardigan in Canada.  He did well in the U.S. also, but his primary jobs were Chris’ office companion, and chief comedian in the house.


Chip also verbalized.   He made the strangest combination of noises that sounded like he was talking to Chris. 

But suddenly when Chris died in October 2008, Chip stopped talking and went into a deep depression.  His silence continued until the CWCCA Nationals.

When I put the picture of Chris and Chip on his crate, all of a sudden he started talking, and talking, and talking making up for lost time!


At that same show my friend Emily gave me this pin, which depicts Chip with a dragonfly, representing Chris. (See Oct 2008 post)

p1111690I had this painting commissioned by Bram Wolfe as a tribute to Chris.  In it are my horse Manitou, that was the first horse Chris ever befriended and rode, and of course Chip.  As well there are three dragonflies that Chip is looking at.   This picture tonight is extra special, as I am sure the three amigos are together again.

Trot on across that bridge Chip-wich, and go find your daddy and buddy and give them kisses for me.

Memoirs from Chip’s show career:

CWCCA 2008 – 1st round selection in the Megan

Chip Megan 2008 small

CWCCA 2008 – 2nd in Open Dog

Chip CWCCA 2008 smallHamilton Kennel Club – Group 3


 CWCCA 2009 – 3rd Open Dog



CWCCWR 2008 – Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes

dsc_5447sOxford Kennel Club – Group 4


 Windsor Kennel Club – Best Puppy in Group



Two months of catch up – Show news



Chip’s finishing picture from Monroe has fnally arrived.   He is now Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Diamond Solitaire.  Next plan is to see about some obedience work for this guy since he has a LOT of drive!

There hasn’t been a lot of show news up here – too busy with puppies!  This weekend is the Cornwall show and there was a supported entry yesterday.  I was very happy to hear that Megan Bowman finished her puppy, Yasashiikuma I Am the Captain, going BOW and Best Puppy and was cut down to the final 3 in Puppy Group.   Hopefully a picture of the win will come shortly. 

Dolly is showing literally in her underwear, and has taken the breed each day and a Group 4th yesterday.

In the meantime Captain’s sisters Naomi and Grace are both within 2 points of finishing, and its a race to see who gets them first.   The other litter brother, Skipper, has picked up one major in the U.S. and 8 points, so is chipping away at his title down there also.   Jessica is apparently finally getting some coat back in the Texas heat – and will make her ring debut soon.



Surfacing for a word or two…

I have had the best of intentions of keeping everything up to date, but I have pictures and videos on the camera and tons of news to report and have not had the time to make pretty blog posts.   There are quite a number on the “draft” list that are works in progress.

First – puppy updates.  The DD litter had their Puppy Aptitude tests last night, and there were really no surprises.  One atypical/typical temperament i.e. typical for a Cardigan, untypical for my Cardigans.  Otherwise there were more 3’s and 4’s across the board.  It has been miserably hot all week, and the test was done indoors, so I’m proud of the babies for handling it all so well.  They had their first chicken backs this morning which brought out their “inner wolf” 🙂  They are doing very well on their crate and potty training, and the families who are getting Dafydd, Dylan and Daisy have been advised, and are eagerly looking forward to their new family members.

The Biker Gang has moved into the kitchen and are starting to become potty trained.  Of course one or two always “get a clue” long before the others so there is still a lot of puppy laundry being done on their account.

 In show news I haven’t been able to attend any shows myself with the babies, the dogs have done me proud both in North America and overseas.

Dragoon, on his European tour, is fulfilling a dream with a Lisa and Carrie.  My goal has always been to produce dogs that not only have impeccable temperaments, but can compete equally with the best in the world.  Dragoon has been overeas for just about two months and has already completed his French championship, 2/3 of his UK championship, and 1/3 of his international championship.  As well, he is winning fans all over with his sweet, biddable temperament.

In the U.S., Chip went to play with Tim Zeitz for a weekend, and came home an American Champion.   Other than the handful of shows he went to last summer with Tim, and the one weekend with Colin this past winter, Chip has only shown at specialties, so exactly a  year from start to finish (both at the Munro KC show) was a good period in my mind.

The Nautical kids have made their ring debuts and Naomi, Captain and Grace are 3,2, and 3 points from their Championships.  I think that for a bunch of less than 9 month olds, that is pretty good!  And the nicest thing is that they are actually defeating competition, not just each other!

I have lots of video and pictures that need to be posted, so please be patient, I’m dancing as fast as I can!