Meet the Family – Cai & Fergus (Yasashiikuma Kyanite So Fair & Yasashiikuma Bright Flame)

Today’s puppies are a pair of East Coast residents – Cai is from the Gemstone Litter, and Fergus is from the Fire Crew.   Gillian and Janet have been creative in not only giving you a verbal story, but a slideshow story also!  Enjoy!

 well-dressed dogs

Although sharing a bloodline — Cai’s father is Fergus’s great-grandfather, the mighty champion Hunter — Cai and Fergus are remarkably dissimilar. Cai resembles a short-legged fox, while Fergus is brown brindle. But it’s their differing personalities that make Gillian and me smile and scratch our heads. Cai is independent and laid back; Fergus is anxious to please and somewhat hair-triggered. Fergus barks rarely and sounds like a German Shepherd; Cai barks at every opportunity and sounds like a pubescent Chihuahua.


Cai lives for a game of fetch; Fergus delights in taking the toy from his submissive brother. Cai loves to snack on carrots, celery, and fresh cabbage; Fergus goes for raspberries, watermelon rind, and the sunflower seeds that fall beneath the bird feeder. As relatively inexperienced dog owners, we’ve learned so much from our compare-and-contrast canines. When Fergus was born on Gillian’s birthday, we decided that maybe Cai could benefit from a companion. Well, we’ve ALL benefited from Fergus’s arrival in the family.


Thank you, Shelley, for your care in bringing these lovable little creatures into our lives!

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Meet the Family – Cassie – Yasashiikuma Jacob’s Ladder

 Today’s puppy is Cassie – who was formerly Sparky From the Fire Crew as told by Maryse

 Sparky IMG_0252Cassie, formerly Sparky has been the nicest puppy/dog we have had.  He is a people dog always wanting to be with us. 

Sparky IMG_0010

He was with Samy,  a miniature long hair dachshund until we had to put Samy to sleep.  He missed him so much that he now has a new friend, Buster.   Buster keeps him on his toes and keeps him on the run.Sparky IMG_0001

Sparky IMG_0166************************************************************************************************

Update October 21, 2015:

Here are a few new photos of Cassie from Maryse:

Sparky IMG_0256

Sparky IMG_0126

Sparky IMG_0179Sparky IMG_0022


Cassie is definitely another one of the “token sables” that seem to appear in every litter!!  He has that lovely face and monks’ cap that is another definite family tradition.

Pruning the tree helps it develop stronger

Last weekend I wrote about my history from the beginning and how I went from my first champion to Dragoon and Savannah.   The tree, however, did not grow in  totally straight. There were many twists, turns  and some branches needed to be pruned off in order to develop a healthy line of dogs

So going back to the third generation, I had a nice girl named Abbey (Yasashiikuma Cinnamon Heart) that was the source of another branch of the family tree.

Abbey was bred twice to Hunter.   

judodkcThe first litter, born on the first night of Hannukah, was my Hannukah litter.   In this litter were two puppies I allowed friends to co-own, paying nothing for them.   Judith, pictured above, and Mike.  Unfortunately the co-owners of Judith divorced, and the husband decided he wanted her (out of spite) and I lost her in a court battle, getting paid less than I had expended on show entries and handling.  Apparently later he met a new girlfriend who didn’t like the dog and left her with his ex-wife, of course now spayed.   Mike’s co-owner took him to Ireland, and then dumped him.  Thankfully I did hear where he ended up and I was informed when he passed on a short while ago

The repeat of the litter, a year later was the Spice Litter.


Megan was a pretty girl with a lot of very nice attributes.   The youngest in a houseful of adult dogs she believed she was the princess until the arrival of her half-sister Gale a few months later.   Megan had a very short and satisfying road to her championship.  When I had asked others if there would be competition at the Orangeville show, I was told, “Oh no, the judges suck.  But we will be entering the Credit Valley show the next weekend”.  So I decided to enter Megan just for the ring practice, after all entries were only $9 a day back then!  To my surprise there were 8 other class dogs and bitches entered, and by going Best of Winners all three days she was at 9 points.  Only one point from her championship!  The next weekend, all that was entered was one special.  I thought it impossible, but we beat the special for the last point and Megan finished her championship!

Megan had a litter in 2003 sired by Am/Cdn Ch Phi-Vestavia Uriel of Careleon.   Sabra was from my “Liqueur Litter” and finished quite quickly.  She was a substantial bitch, with a pretty head, but needed a better front, and to be lower stationed.   

Sabra died suddenly while I was at a conference.   Not knowing what had killed her I had an autopsy done at Guelph, and learned more than I wanted to know about Chylothorax.  Sabra had one litter sired by Harry Potter and the girl I kept from that was Jaime, Yasashiikuma Cerydwen Sorceres.  (Yes, one S due to space limitations).

Jaime was a very pretty girl, and I had great hopes for her.   She had passed all her health clearancs with flying colours, I had plans to bred her, and then disaster struck.   In July 2009, Jaime also developed Chylothorax.  This time I knew the warning signs, and with great expense and a lot of praying, she came through it.  You can read about that time by clicking here.  Mother and daughter both having this was too much to ignore, so Jaime was spayed and that branch of the family tree was truncated  Happily, Jaime is in an absolutely wonderful pet home where they absolutely adore her and is doing well.

Megan’s second litter, born in 2004 was sired by Am/Cdn. Ch. McLea’s Admiral.   This was my Ice litter and the girl I kept was Cinder (CH. Yasashiikuma Fire and Ice)

Cinder was a very pretty girl with lovely movement, and finished quite quickly by 9 months old.   She had one litter for me – the Fire Crew born in 2008 and sired by Merrymoon Noblestar Jacob.   From this breeding there were two very nice puppies who did very well.

Ch. Yasashiikuma Burning Issue (Chief) is owned by Norman Dale of BC and was shown to his championship by Norm’s daughter.   On the road to his championship she earned a Group 3 with him, and was Best of Winners at the Canadian National in 2010. Not too shabby for her first show dog!

And the girl that I kept was Ember, (Ch. Yasashiikuma Slow Burn) who finished in a single weekend at the London shows, even defeating Dolly for the breed one day!   There was so much that I loved about this girl and would have loved to have carried on with her.  Unfortunately her hips were not good enough for me to carry on with, so another branch of the tree was truncated, and Ember lives with her half brother in Chicago.

Megan did have one more litter, unplanned by me, sired by her 9 month old nephew Spud.   That was my “loose ladies” litter, and they were all placed in pet homes.

So, unfortuantely, although there were some very nice puppies produced by this branch of the family tree, unfortunately none of these lines have been perpetuated, and Chief is my only option to carry on with.

For the next installment, I will go into the detail on the other two branches of the tree – the legacies of Gale and Libby.



Family photos

The mailbox has been very, very busy this week…..

Here are Cai and Fergus newly transplanted to Saint John, New Brunswick. They are making sure to observe local regulations too! Such good boys!

Although I’m going to miss having their family local for visits, I’m sure they are all going to be happy on the east coast. And its not that far that a visit will be impossible.

Travelling down to Texas…Pete has a new sister, and a Bonnie lass she is, too! In fact that is her name 🙂 Pete has welcomed her into the family just like he welcomes everyone, as a potential new friend.

From down the penninsula Vicky has sent some pictures of Leeloo (Jaime’s sister formerly known as Austin) and Jon. It seems the two of them like to have high vantage points for sentry duty. Leeloo prefers the table as her post…

….while Jonathon prefers a higher vantage point.

When sentry duty is done its time to recharge the batteries.

I think this attraction to heights is some sort of family trait!