Cardigans and kids

When people ask me how Cardigans are with children, I always say that they are good with children as long as the children are good with dogs.   By that I mean I don’t expect any dog to put up with hair pulling or fingers in the eyes, but Cardigans are smart enough to remove themselves from the situation and go to a safe place.  Then it is up to the parents to teach the children to respect the dogs wishes.

But sometimes I place dogs in famiilies where children aren’t there where they first go home, but have arrived later.   What happens then?   Well I’d like to share  some photos of  Cardigans who are totally besotted with their new protegees.

badger-and-hugo-feb-2016I’ve been watching these two grow up together for almost two years now, and the close relationship between Badger and his little brother in every photo from infancy through toddler has given me damp eyes to see.  I love the frequent updates of their kinship.

15033963_10157676690445335_1724957623_oDuke has a new little sister to whom he is slavishly devoted.  He is never far from her according to mom, even sleeping under her high chair.


And Pepper also has a new baby in the family, and this is where she can be found whenever the baby is accessible.  

So we know that young dogs can definitely adapt to having a new arrival in the house.   But what about an older dog?   One that is used to having its own space and own toys and mom’s complete attention for 7 years.

julies-babyJulie is Dolly’s sister, and her mom reports that Julie has taken on a whole new youthful attitude now that she has a baby brother to look after.   Here she was even bringing him one of her toys to play with.

Aren’t Cardigans just the most wonderful dogs in the world?

Meet the Family – Bunny, Scotch & Bear

We have had a few “two for the price of one” posts but today you are benefiting from a 3 for 1 special!!  Introducing Bunny (Yasashiikuma Diggin Up Daisies – DD Litter), Scotch (Yasashiikuma Olympic Torch – Olympic Litter) and Bear (Yasashiikuma Brown Sugar Bear – Concert Litter) as told by Sabrina!



Bunny is our little miracle puppy, Shelley and her helpers will tell you the story of keeping “little miss small but mighty” alive in the beginning. She was small, but she was here and you were going to hear her! Bunny came home with us the end of July 2011, she was our first corgi and first canine addition to our family.


The learning experience with Bunny was effortless she came home to us potty trained and never had an accident in her crate.


She was endlessly energetic and we learned quickly Bunny’s favourite past-times were RUNNING and meeting every person and dog at the park.

2 3

We lost our 2nd cat early after Bunny came home and she very quickly became best pals with our cat Kairi. To this day they enjoy cuddling for a nap and Bunny always takes care to clean Kairi’s ears.


Bunny is by far a Daddy’s girl and gets right up close to him in bed or on the couch. She’s amazed us with her intelligence, too. She topped her puppy class albeit with some grievances from the trainer since Bunny wanted you to know she was there and ready to perform. As the trainer would try to instruct treat in hand Bunny would bark, she wanted her to know she was there and she could do the task!

7 8

We’ve gone on to do some great off-leash training with Bunny, and when sleigh bells were hung at the door for Christmas a few years ago she quickly figured out ringing the bells meant going outside so she started ringing them herself to ask to go out…Christmases have past but the bells haven’t come down since. 




My Mom was quickly smitten with her little “grand-puppy” Bunny, we had grown up with a German Shepherd/Black Lab cross who had past away a few years ago and my parents hadn’t yet found the right dog to fill that gap. Once they got to know Bunny and the Cardigan breed they found a lot of the traits they loved about owning Amber, but in a smaller package so Scotch politely came home with them in November 2012.


We’re a close family so Bunny and Scotch have been together a lot, they speak(bark) on the phone to each other when we’re apart and as soon as there is a whiff they might visit each other their excitement builds. 




Scotch is a sweet, gentle and loving soul. He is a family centred dog and happiest when both my parents and brother are home. He carries a Torch (hah!) for my Mother. Scotch is her doting companion, there are times I would call them soulmates.


As you can see by the pictures he is an alert watch dog either perching on the chair at the front window or lying across the stairs overlooking the front door so he can protect the family.


He’s a very silly guy with lots of unique howls and growls we call his “Chewbacca nosies”. Scotch also loves to carry a ball in his mouth when playing, he’s not interested in you throwing it, but play time = ball in mouth, even if that means muffled barks because of it. He’s a great addition to their family and a really loving soul. 


Bear (16 – 32)


My husband and I had test run having two dogs around thanks to Scotch and knowing it was the last litter for Dolly we decided we wanted dog number two to be Bunny’s half-sibling.


Dolly gave me the best birthday present ever bringing Bear into the world one day after my birthday on Dec 25, 2014. I remember talking about Bear coming home and we wondered if he’d be more like Scotch or Bunny, we quickly learned corgis DO NOT come in only two flavours. Bear is entirely his own unique personality.  

18 19

Introductions went very well with Bunny and Bear, she didn’t hold back on him and since day one introduced him to tug-of-war and chasing in the backyard which they continue to enjoy daily. Bunny is the boss of the house and did a great job of deflecting and moving away when Bear’s puppy excitement was too much for her. He caught on quickly and is happy to be her number two, but he gets his licks in by biting her tail and having her drag him around. 

 22 21 
 >Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Bear is a big ham, tail always wagging and he loves every person he meets. We call him “Grizzly Bear” since he is a very unique vocalist and he makes growls and moans whenever you give him an energetic pet.


He really is a big softy though and loves to have his paws held and pet, and his daily morning routine is to leap on my lap before I can even finish sitting down for his morning massage. He’s a big change from owning Bunny, but together our family feels full and rewarding. 

24  23


Bunny and Bear can look forward to November when we are moving to a new home in London (with a lot more space inside for them to run around), and a great patio door that walks out from my office to the backyard.


I’m looking forward to watching them get their favourite outside playtime in each day. We’re looking forward to doing some additional obedience training with Bear & Bunny once we move, and we hope to get Bunny into fly-ball one day soon. 

 31 27 
 32  29
 26  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



Meet the Family – Duke – Yasashiikuma Salt of the Earth

Today’s puppy is Duke from the Concert litter – and Martha shares his story!


Scott and I (Martha), are happy to share a little bit about our boy, Duke.

blog 1  blog 8 
 blog 3

Duke (formerly known as Gabriel), a puppy from the Concert litter, has been an absolute sweetheart from the start. He is a fuzzy gene pup with a personality to match – soft, sweet and a little bit mischievous! Right from the get go, Duke was running and playing in the snow….nothing gets him down.

blog 4  blog 5
 blog 6 blog 7 

Whether two-legged or four-, Duke will ram his way through the crowd to greet and kiss EVERYONE. He is always kissing his brothers (a Pembroke Corgi and a Chihuahua) in the face, whether they like it or not. And we can’t forget his feline brother – Duke’s favorite play thing. Normally Talon likes the attention, but we’ll never forget the time that Duke started playing with the cat’s toys that were hanging from the banister. The cat jumped up on the banister, reached down to grab the string, and pulled the toys up and out of Duke’s reach. Apparently Duke had crossed “the line in the sand”.

blog 9 blog 10

Whether it be a walk on the beach, a hike in the forest or a run around the family sheep farm, Duke is up for anything, and his tail is always wagging! Although he’s very interested in the sheep and other livestock on the farm, he’s happy to leave all of the hard work up to his Border Collie cousins. As long as they are willing to play sticks or ball once they finish their hard work.


blog 11 blog 12
blog 13

Duke couldn’t get over how much fun it was to play soccer with his little two-legged cousins this summer. Little does he know, he has his own little two-legged brother or sister due in March 2016! Let the busy times continue! We wouldn’t have it any other way!


blog 16 blog 17 
blog 15

 There’s always lots of love and laughter with Duke


Thank you Martha!  And congratulations on the new addition to the family!!

For the next couple of days – we are going to have more of the Mountain girls – a couple of Dolly’s sisters!


Meet the Family – Pepper – Yasashiikuma Honky Tonk Woman

Today’s puppy is another Pepper – but this one is from the Concert Litter and her story is told by Anne 

Pepper, previously known as Fudgey of the Concert Litter arriving at her new home in King at the end of February..

 ArrivalEarly days involved a lot of toys…and exploration

Toy basket
Jollyball   Field 

 And then she got to go a little further afield with us … travelling at 8 months to the Gaspe to meet more family


 With Baby Stick 


Or helping in the office…


Or getting ready to go to her first horse show…and hotel…of course she got to sleep on the bed – this was just an evening nap!

hotel Hotel 2

And with her absolutely best friend, Huxley

 Pepper with Huxley

 Best of all is walking in the woods with her people!

 Woods Walk



Thanks Shelley – Been pretty busy for 9 months! Say hi to the others and especially to Dolly!


Thanks Anne!!  What Ann didn’t mention  was that my nickname for Pepper was “Puppy Einstein” – and she continues to earn it!

Tomorrow is another 2 for 1 special – a Gemstone and a Friend puppy!