Guess who!?!?

I bet you can’t guess can you?

Does it help if I tell you that I am ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD???

How about if I tell you that I have four stinky brothers who are also one year old?

Yes, it’s me!!! Echo the Party Girl!!

Have you missed me? My life has been so busy that I haven’t had time to catch up, but I wanted to pop in and tell you all about my birthday!

I am enjoying my life down here in Michigan, and I go for lots of walks to meet people, and I still have my very important job as greeter at Daddy’s shop! It’s very important that I make sure that everyone has an opportunity to destress by patting me while Daddy takes care of their orders.

I also have a big job at home taking care of my brother Shifter, and making sure that his ears are always clean. He’s not as bad as my other bratty brothers, but sometimes he takes things from me, and then I have to run and go tell Daddy and Mommy (just to make sure he gets in trouble!)

For my birthday we had a special birthday party! I got a great big cake that is almost as big as I am!

Then after my party at home, I got to go out for a special treat! At first I wasn’t so sure…but I decided that ice cream tastes good! And everybody that came by said Happy Birthday to me cuz I was wearing my special party hat.

I didn’t want to waste any, so I made sure I ate it all up!!

After my birthday treat I got to come home and play with my new toys.

Daddy says, I have to say, I hope that my stinky brothers had a happy birthday too and got lots of treats and toys.

I gotta go and make sure Shifter isn’t stealing any of mine….


And Grandma says a very happy birthday to Echo, Pete, Dover, Sam and Quincy!!!

Dear Diary…… (by Echo-the-Career-Minded)

…I am getting to be a BIG girl now. I’m going to be 3 MONTHS soon, and so I think that I had better start thinking about what I want to do when I grow up.

There are so many possiblities!!!

I like to help Daddy and Mommy in the garden. And I’m learning my flowers really well! Maybe I could be a landscape architect!
Put that rosebush there! Move those rocks over here! Come on crew! Get to work! We don’t have all day!
Okay…we have to get these flowers watered! Let’s just move this sprinkler…….
….Ummmm….maybe not. Maybe I should do something where I stay a little drier!
If outside design isn’t my thing I could always try interior design or better yet FURNITURE REFINISHING!! I read in a book about how “distressed wood” is popular…. but Mommy and Daddy didn’t like that idea 🙁
I know! A traffic cop! I could be a real live POLICE DOG! Okay cyclists, look both ways before crossing the road. Be sure and wear your safety helmet.
Why can’t corgis be police dogs?
What’s an “ankle biter”?
I decided that maybe I should do something that takes advantage of my more natural abilities. THE CUTENESS FACTOR!! So Daddy entered me in a cutest pet contest.
Daddy says we got ROBBED! We came in second because the handler wasn’t cute enough or young enough. Hmmmm…. maybe I should find a better agent?
Daddy says he had the perfect job for me 🙂
I’m the company mascot! I get to go to work and meet all the customers and I get to go to car shows and be a judge!
Judging is very serious business and there are very specific things that you have to look for!
I like the colour of this one! It reminds me of the sun 😀
This one had an extra special luxury feature….a PUPPY CUDDLER!
This one wins the category for Best Shade Provider!
Well now that the big career decisions have been made I guess that I can just go on being my cute little self and wrapping all Daddy’s customers around my cute little puppy toes.
Gotta go….work beckons…

My name is Echo…aka Secret Agent HVT2U

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It was a bright and sunny day (my daddy won’t let me out on dark and stormy nights!!).

Me and S. were having a quiet day in our office….
…when all of sudden a noise got our attention. It was a voice calling, “Echo! Echo! Over here!”
I came out of the office and looked around.
“Over here Echo!”
It was the Garden Person talking to me!
“Echo, I’ve heard that you are a very brave puppy. Is that true?”
“Oh, yes!! I am the bravest puppy in the entire universe! I even have a tattoo that says so!”
“I need a very brave and very smart Secret Agent to get a message. Can you do it?”
“Of course I can! I am the smartest puppy in the entire universe too!”

“Go find the Wise Turtle,” said the Garden Person, “and he will give you further instructions for your mission.”
After hours and hours of searching I managed to find the Wise Turtle.
“The Garden Person sent me to you,” I said, “so that I can get instructions to find the secret message.”
“You will need to be very brave,” said the Turtle. “The way to the message is not without dangers! Are you prepared to meet the Tiki Monsters?”
“The Garden Person didn’t say anything about Monsters! But I have my slingshot, and I am a brave Secret Agent. I am ready to take on anything to deliver the special message …. including Monsters!”
Keeping myself well under cover I went in search of the mysterious Tiki Monsters.
The first Monster had a scary face. I almost chickened out…but I am Echo-the-Brave!
“Mr. Monster, I am looking for the secret message that I was sent to find. Can you help me?”
The Monster said that the message was very important, and he said I must be a very special puppy to be given such an important mission. He told me that I would have to find the Smiling Monster for more instructions, but that the Smiling Monster was very good at hiding.
Using the Super-Sleuth-Stealth skills I learned at PEC (Puppy Espionage College) and had practised on my brothers, I crept through the jungle silently. I waited patiently for the Smiling Monster to make his appearance.
Using my Ultimate Secret Weapon – the Cuteness Factor – I came out of my hiding spot to try and get the secret message from the Smiling Monster.
“Mr. Monster”, I licked his face. “I need to find the secret message. I know that you must know it because you have such a beautiful smile.”
I listened closely as the Smiling Monster gave me the secret message to bring back home.
I thanked him and hurried back home.
Rushing as quickly as my super cute secret agent puppy toes would carry me I ran at full speed back to spread the secret message.
I found S. at the local watering hole.
“You must come outside!!,” I told him. “I’ve found the secret message”
And here I am sharing my secret message with all of you 🙂
This is Secret Agent HVT2U signing off. If you have a secret mission that needs to be accomplished, remember to give it to the professionals!
Going back to being just a plain cute puppy dog now.

Dear Diary… (by Echo-the-Busy!)

….I didn’t realize just how busy it was going to be when I came to live with my new Daddy and Mom.

I have several duties that I must take care of as part of my daily routine.

First I must keep a close eye out for monsters in the garden. You never know when one might be lurking out there…
…but we have a really great slingshot! And if one of those monsters dares to enter the garden I’ll make sure to bean him with my new ball!

I go to the office with Daddy and make sure that everyone is doing their jobs properly. You just never know when someone is going to slip up and make a mistake and that could mean a lot of dog biscuits!
Looks like everything checks out just fine today, Dad!

Today I went to see my new doctors. They told Daddy I was perfect. But we knew that already. He didn’t have to pay good money to find that out!
Because I was such an especially good girl, Daddy took me on a special shopping trip! Can you guess where he took me?
Oh 🙁 I guess it isn’t that hard to guess.
Daddy bought me some special puppy stuff to chew on, and so did a lady in line 🙂 She must have liked my smile!
Daddy bought himself a special treat too, but I didn’t think he’d mind if I shared 🙂 Mmmmm…strawberry!
After a long day at the office its kind of nice to just come home and relax and take time to smell the roses, or the pansies, or the impatiens (I’ve got to learn this stuff…but hey! I’m just a dog remember! 🙂 ) There’s nothing a hard working puppy enjoys more than just lying around listening to her people talk.
Well goodnight everyone! This pooped puppy is going to bed!