Two months of catch up – Puppy News – DD Litter


Seventeen puppies can sure eat up some huge chunks of time.    Now that I am down to five at home here is a little bit of an update on who is who, and where.

Please send more recent pictures – these are already pretty outdated!!


The DD Litter

Todd is now Justin, and has gone to live with Sonnie Kay Grissom in Texas.  Watch for Yasashiikuma Dancehall Doctor (Tim McGraw’s band for those not in the know about country music. )  His name was chosen because of Dolly’s association with Country.


Justin at 7 weeks

Dash is now Yasashiikuma Dare to Dream, and she’s staying right here at home 🙂

Dash at 7 weeks
Draco is now Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender, and will soon be making the trip to Holland to live with Hanno and Rachel Dijkhorst.

Draco at 7 weeks


Daffyd, is now Darby, and he is Yasashiikuma Doctor Darby.   He is living in Ingleside Ontario, and will be taking up a career as a Therapy Dog.  And yes, he’s fluffy and pink, and as sweet as could be! 

Darby at 7 weeks

Dixie, is now Bunny – appropriate since she is growing by leaps and bounds!!  She is now Yasashiikuma Diggin Up Daisies, and lives in London, Ontario

Bunny at 7 weeks

Darren has gone to live with his Daddy in Florida, summering in Maine.   He is now Yasashiikuma Telltail Dble Dare and will soon be making his ring debut also.

Darren at 7 weeks


Daisy has gone to live in Arizona with Lori Kopreski.  Lori decided to keep her name, since she was born in the car, and she is Yasashiikuma Driving Ms Daisy.

Daisy at 7 weeks

And last, but definitely not least is Thor (previously Dylan) who has gone to live in Montreal, and who is known as Yasashiikuma Dumble Dor.

Thor at 7 weeks

Sam and Amie are looking for a home

Sam and Amie are 2 and 1 year old and have come back to me due to unforeseen circumstances.   Sam is neutered, and is a full brother to Dolly, a year younger.  Amie, is his half sister from Rocky and Harvey.   She is a darling little fluff, and unfortunately had a bout of pancreatitis in the fall which has left her thin, and in need of building up again, and will need to be spayed.   She is not as confident as him, and I would really like to see the two of them be rehomed together because she seems to rely on him to give her direction as to what is safe and what isn’t.  They have been raised with children, and are basically a happy and healthy pair.

If you can provide them with a home, please contact me.  Information is on the contact page.

Guess who!?!?

I bet you can’t guess can you?

Does it help if I tell you that I am ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD???

How about if I tell you that I have four stinky brothers who are also one year old?

Yes, it’s me!!! Echo the Party Girl!!

Have you missed me? My life has been so busy that I haven’t had time to catch up, but I wanted to pop in and tell you all about my birthday!

I am enjoying my life down here in Michigan, and I go for lots of walks to meet people, and I still have my very important job as greeter at Daddy’s shop! It’s very important that I make sure that everyone has an opportunity to destress by patting me while Daddy takes care of their orders.

I also have a big job at home taking care of my brother Shifter, and making sure that his ears are always clean. He’s not as bad as my other bratty brothers, but sometimes he takes things from me, and then I have to run and go tell Daddy and Mommy (just to make sure he gets in trouble!)

For my birthday we had a special birthday party! I got a great big cake that is almost as big as I am!

Then after my party at home, I got to go out for a special treat! At first I wasn’t so sure…but I decided that ice cream tastes good! And everybody that came by said Happy Birthday to me cuz I was wearing my special party hat.

I didn’t want to waste any, so I made sure I ate it all up!!

After my birthday treat I got to come home and play with my new toys.

Daddy says, I have to say, I hope that my stinky brothers had a happy birthday too and got lots of treats and toys.

I gotta go and make sure Shifter isn’t stealing any of mine….


And Grandma says a very happy birthday to Echo, Pete, Dover, Sam and Quincy!!!