Midnight musings

Actually more like 1:36 a.m., but I’m on night shift tonight, and Tim has gone to get a well deserved full night of sleep. Here are a couple of pictures he snapped during the day today.

First, here is ABA – or Amie, Buddy and Amigo from left to right.

Then Rocky checking out little Chaverah. For those who haven’t googled that one – it means friend in Hebrew.

And lastly Pal using his sisters for a pillow…look at that gut!! He’s getting his share!

24 hours…

So here we are at 24 hours old. So far everyone is very vigorous and either gained or a minor loss.

The only major loss has been sleep. I got a couple of hours of sleep in the afternoon, and left Kaye and Tim in charge.

Last night I set up the baby monitor with instructions to turn it on before they retired. At 3:30 I’d heard nothing so I came downstairs to this:

Corgis friends won’t recognize Tim, but some of the wolfie folks should! The last time Tim came to visit with the family was 10 years ago. The puppies were all quiet and fed, and sound asleep, so I guess the puppysitter was too!

Catching up…..

Like I said it has been quite a busy period the last couple of weeks. We’ve been away so much or had such long days it has been nearly impossible to sit down and catch up on the blog.

So here is a bringing you up to date post 🙂

August 2 to 4th was the Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club shows and the second OCF booster. We had arranged for Andrew Carter to come and judge Cardigans on Saturday – since he judged them at Westminister this year. Unfortunately we had a very disappointing entry. Our judge was very pleasant about it and said he much preferred to have an entry of 8 top quality dogs to judge than a greater number of mediocre ones.

As you can see this is NOT the greatest win photo ever taken, and Dolly was beginning to drop her coat. In fact it was hysterical grooming her because she had one “pant”. The other side was naked. Well at least the judge knew I wasn’t hiding any glaring faults with artful grooming!

The weekend was spent in the company of Barb & Steve Peterson since they were the only other entries at Barrie and Muskoka shows.

On Tuesday it was back to work. Right now I am working for 3 companies on 3 different systems that don’t talk to each other, and things are a little hairy to say the least. My cohort from Montreal came into town to go through our first month end as Coty with us…and now recognizes our “challenges” 😉

Tuesday night Dover went to his new home with Bob & Allison.

Dover has written a letter home which we will share in another post. These puppies have such a great command of the English language. Amazing what early childhood education can do!

Wednesday was the Canadian National Specialty. Lets just say that the only way for my dogs to have done any worse would have been to have had ribbons withheld for lack of merit. If I were any less confident in the quality of my breeding program I would have been making appointments to have every dog I own spayed or neutered on Thursday.

Thursday night found us finally arriving in Ohio. Apparently a bomb threat was phoned into the Bluewater Bridge early in the afternoon (the Sarnia/Port Huron crossing), and every car was being given the third degree. In front of us 4 out of 5 cars were being sent for secondary inspection. We ended up having all the right answers I guess, and got sent on our way with “Have a Good Day”. I guess when you tell them you are going to a dog show, and have the show entries, and file folders for each dog with show pictures, its a little hard for them to argue the fact. Add to that fact that we claimed Chris’ two extra packages of cigarettes, and the fruit in the cooler, and had the hotel name for him…. we must have seemed squeaky clean 😉

Murphy decided to show his face at the show again. First we got a late start. Then we were late for a couple of classes, plus I kept finding holes in the ring to step into. Each time jarred my knee a little worse. By the time it got to Dolly’s class I was on the verge of tears from the pain. Katie Brooks took pity on my and showed her the rest of the way through the class.

At that point the wonderful Cardi people from the Western Reserve Club stepped in and divvied up my dogs between them. Despite my injuries my dogs didn’t miss a class! For those not familiar with the show – Western Reserve draws the second largest Cardigan entry in the country – second only to the National Specialty, and included in this years entry were many of the major winners from the 2008 National including BOS (Dickens), Winners Dog (Harvey) and BOW (Vanity).

I have to publicly thank everyone who helped us out!

Katie Brooks – who showed Dolly and won her Sweeps and BBE classes the next two days and won Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday

Ferris Beashau who handled Chip to his Sweeps class win on Saturday and then Phillip Myers for taking him to Best of Opposite in Sweeps, and who split the handling of Libby with Katie for the remainder of the show.

Katie Driver – who was brave enough (or is that foolish enough) to take Chip and Dolly in for the brace class both days having never shown a brace before, and for handling Chip in the Sweeps Sunday.

and last but definitely not least Madison for taking Hunter in for his Veteran and Stud dog classes and winning Best Veteran and Best Stud dog. The cutest part of this is that the dog is older than the handler! I’ll post the photos of the wins when we get them.

While we were there Chief also got to meet his new Daddy. Although he’s from BC it just so happened that Norm had to be in Ohio the same weekend we were. The original plan was that Norm would fly Chief home with him but the airline he had booked has an embargo on pets as baggage, so he has decided to make another special trip out east tomorrow to come and get Chief, using WestJet so Chief can fly home on the same plane with him.

Hopefully, the two of them will be returning to Western Reserve as competitors next summer.

And this week its back to work and back to reality…..

At least I can still float on the WR memories for a bit.