Meet the Family – Jenny – Yasashiikuma Genoa

Todays puppy on the blog is Jenny (Yasashiikuma Genoa), from the Nautical Litter.  For those not familiar with the term, a genoa, is a large sail on cruising yachts – and how fortuitous that Jenny found a home with a sailing family as told by Jean and Woody:


Jenny’s Story

 Jenny at Backus Mill

Everyone loves little Genoa (Jenny).  No matter where we go or who we encounter, Jenny charms everyone she meets with her sweet personality, and they constantly remark on how beautiful she is.

Jenny at the beach

Jenny became part of our family in April 2011 when she was six months old.  Near her first birthday, her little brother Peter was born, on October 26.  People warned us about dogs and possible jealousy with first born babies, but she was as patient, kind and gentle with him as always.  Not even a year later her little sister Phoebe was born, and again she accepted her growing family with ease.


Jenny and Phoebe on the beach

Jenny is a full member of our family and does everything with us.  If we even attempted to leave the house without Jenny, Peter and Phoebe will yell, “Jenny!  Mummy, Daddy!!  JEN-NY!” demanding we get her.  Jenny’s name was one of the first words they ever learned.

Jenny in Grandmas backyard 

So, Jenny goes on hikes through the Rouge Valley to see the frogs in their ponds; she goes up to Coboconk in the Kawarthas where Grandma lives and runs through the forest and down to Little Mud Turtle Lake; that is where she first learned to chase her beloved floating Frisbee through the water, and to swim amazingly well for her short legs; and where she first stepped aboard our old sailboat, the Moondancer, where she made herself instantly at home; she runs the beach down at Long Point and investigates turtle nests (already emptied), chases gulls and everything in between; she hangs out at her other Grandma and Grandpa’s place in St. Thomas, graciously ignoring their housecat; and down to Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club, where she jumps aboard our current sailboat, the Goldfinch, and ensures the safety of the crew, as her position on the Goldfinch is Head Purser and Head of Security.  She doesn’t bark often but when she does, she makes it count: it’s ear shattering! 

 Jenny on the Goldfinch

Jenny goes everywhere with us because we are a family and can’t imagine life without her.  We are truly blessed!

Meet the Family – Captain – Ch. Yasashiikuma I Am the Captain, RN

Today’s puppy is Ch. Yasashiikuma I Am the Captain (Captain) from the Nautical Litter, co-owned with Beth and companion to Megan

Beth writes:

This is Megan and Captain.

Megan and Captain are best buddies.


Megan trained, showed, and competed in conformation, rally, jr obedience and conformation.  They have earned a rally novice and Canadian Championship.


Captain also has taken on a new role lately as a self trained therapy dog for Megan.
Megan suffered a massive concussion in 2012 and is still recovering.


Captain, who is a bundle of endless energy that has no off button has somehow  taught himself to lie next to Megan and just watch her for hours on end.  No matter what is in store for for these two they will face it together.




Such a good boy Captain!!

Tomorrow we have one of the Concert babies from last year!  Stay tuned!

Hypothesis, theory or fact?

I’ve gotten a few pictures lately and they bring to mind something that I’ve believed, but never had proof of.

First is Naomi, playing nursemaid to her Daddy Tom, who has just undergone some surgery.


The next picture was of Lady, o rather Lady Bug  :), having a nap with her Daddy, Bob.


Last weekend, I went down to see Debbie in Michigan, and apparently Libby has decided she is Mike’s dog.  But she does ask Debbie’s permission before abandoning her to go with him the minute he walks in the door.


So what I have always believed, is that with exceptions like Chip who is a “mans dog”, it seems that the girls seem to be drawn to the men in the house, and the boys to the women.    I live with both, and have to admit that Dolly is my closest buddy, so it could be that my household is just the exception.    But then of course there IS only me in the house, so they don’t have a choice between people.

So I am really curious – are your Cardigans attracted to the opposite sex, do they gravitate to the people of the same sex in the house, or do they really not seem to care?


Busy, busy, BUSY day :)

It’s been a crazy busy day around here today.

First, the first of the Scouting Litter has left for his new home.

Now officially Yasashiikuma Beaver Scout Law, he has gone to live with two young men who will be joining the Beaver Scouts this year,  So far, I hear the first day is going well 🙂

Tomorrow the next departure occurs   as Cubby heads to his new home.

Tonight’s news brings news of a great accomplishment for Scott Bowman and our Ch. Yasashiikuma Grace O’Malley.  Scott started Rally Novice training , taking his first Q at the Canadian National specialty at the beginning of the month.  Today he took another two back to to back Q;s, to complete her Rally Novice title.


While I may have been responsible for Gracie’s first points, Scott has been the one who has been at the end of her leash for the remainder of her accomplishments – he finished her Canadian championship, put the Best Puppy in Group on her last year at Cornwall, and this year her Rally Novice title.  A great dynamic duo 🙂