Cardigans and kids

When people ask me how Cardigans are with children, I always say that they are good with children as long as the children are good with dogs.   By that I mean I don’t expect any dog to put up with hair pulling or fingers in the eyes, but Cardigans are smart enough to remove themselves from the situation and go to a safe place.  Then it is up to the parents to teach the children to respect the dogs wishes.

But sometimes I place dogs in famiilies where children aren’t there where they first go home, but have arrived later.   What happens then?   Well I’d like to share  some photos of  Cardigans who are totally besotted with their new protegees.

badger-and-hugo-feb-2016I’ve been watching these two grow up together for almost two years now, and the close relationship between Badger and his little brother in every photo from infancy through toddler has given me damp eyes to see.  I love the frequent updates of their kinship.

15033963_10157676690445335_1724957623_oDuke has a new little sister to whom he is slavishly devoted.  He is never far from her according to mom, even sleeping under her high chair.


And Pepper also has a new baby in the family, and this is where she can be found whenever the baby is accessible.  

So we know that young dogs can definitely adapt to having a new arrival in the house.   But what about an older dog?   One that is used to having its own space and own toys and mom’s complete attention for 7 years.

julies-babyJulie is Dolly’s sister, and her mom reports that Julie has taken on a whole new youthful attitude now that she has a baby brother to look after.   Here she was even bringing him one of her toys to play with.

Aren’t Cardigans just the most wonderful dogs in the world?

Meet the Family – Julie – Yasashiikuma Climb Evry Mountn

Today’s puppy is always smiling Julie (Yasashiikuma Climb Evry Mountn) who is another of the girls from the Mountain litter and her story is told by Belinda:


Allow me to introduce you to Yasashiikuma Climb Evry Mountn, otherwise known as Julie (also affectionately known as Julie Bear, Little Bear, and Joob-Joob). Julie was born in June of 2007 to Hunter and Rocky, is 1 of 10 puppies from the Mountain litter, and is a mirror twin to Rain. 

puppy Julie IMG_20130727_00124318 

Julie is the Queen of Cuddles and insists on getting a belly rub from everyone she meets, she does not like to swim (at least in a swimming pool), loves to eat (i think there is pig genes somewhere there – I’m kidding Shelley!), and has an interesting protective instinct. Once, while friends were over with young children, we noticed that Julie wasn’t playing with the kids, but was in fact watching over them. We lived in a side split home at the time and did not have any baby gates for the stairs, it seemed all was okay though because every time the little girl would approach the stairs, Julie would block the way and nudge her to safety. Needless to say, we were quite impressed as Julie hadn’t had any experience with young children and stairs prior to this.


>IMG-20130331-00185 happyJulie DT

The second time that Julie really amazed us was in May of 2012; Julie started to follow me to the washroom and would sit beside the toilet when I was using it to urinate and would always sniff the bowl, something she had never done before, it was weird. It turned out that I had cancer and it was detected first through urine. Once I started chemotherapy, she stopped following me to the washroom and no longer does it to this day. My husband and I sure do pay more attention to the little things that she does after that incident.

IMG-20121123-00154 GetImage 

I am so grateful that Shelley chose me for Julie and that we have maintained a relationship. Julie is a big part of my family and I am happy to count Shelley as a friend. Thank you, Shelley! Hugs from me, and wet nose kisses from Julie.


Thank you Belinda!!  Julie is also an awesome puppy babysitter too!!  I had Jack, Jolene and Jacob over for a socializationvisit last winter and she kept them well entertained!

Meet the Family – Rocky Jr. – Ch. Yasashiikuma Emerald Mountain

Today’s puppy is Rocky (or Rocky Jr. as we call her)  from the Mountain litter – who looks a double of her mother!  Her story comes from Aaron & Tiffany – the children of the family       


Rocky 2 Rocky 5
Rocky 12

Rocky Jr. Leung, also known as Rocky, is a dog who thoroughly enjoys chasing anything she can get her hands on – whether it be a tennis ball, a stuffed snake, or, alternatively, a human. Though she loves sleeping in a curled up position, she also adores sprinting through long blades of grass and lofty piles of snow (although she looks more like she’s hopping when the snow becomes her daunting equal in height).


Rocky 1 Rocky 9
Rocky 11

When she’s not actively barking or chasing squirrels up trees, she can be found resting beneath a piano, eyes closing as she listens to a variety of Chopin nocturnes and Beethoven sonatas.

Rocky 4 Rocky 3


Her favourite places include a nearby dog park, where she engages in barking contests with fellow friends, as well as the PetSmart Daycare when her owners are on vacation. On her Pawgress report, she aces every subject, and the comments always talk about how cute she is and how they already miss her!

 Rocky 7

On a more serious note, Rocky is a girl who harbours a gleam in her eyes whenever she beholds things as simple as a fluttering butterfly or a buzzing bee. She finds joy in the simplicity of life, and sometimes she stops and forces her busy-body owners to note the beauty of the world with her, such as the soughing of the wind, the dappled sunlight ebbing along a driveway, or the trills of nearby cicada.

Rocky 2 Rocky 6
Rocky 10


She is an intelligent, caring, and happy dog who is and forever will be a member of the Leung family. 



Thank you Aaron & Tiffany!   I don’t think if I saw the two Rocky’s run by me I would be able to tell them apart now!   I have to show you this for comparison.   This is Mama Rocky on the left, Baby Rocky on the right!!

2015-10-11 19.35.09 Rocky 10