What does one write for a first post?

Okay, I finally have a blog….everyone else seems to have one, so Chris made me one too.

I had some ideas, but the events of the last couple of weeks, have left me a little too sad to write about them.

So as for news…..

Cinder was bred to Sonny and is due March 15th if she’s taken.  Up to this point she isn’t telling.  If there are no telltale signs this week we’ll get an ultrasound done because I have to make decisions about whether Rocky will also be bred this year, and to who.  I’m flipflopping over a couple of choices, including repeating the breeding to Hunter.  I just love Dolly and Rocky Jr – and the other puppies that are going to be shown have hopefully turned out to be just as nice!

We had puppy people visiting today and with other people to distract the dogs, managed to get some cute photos. Jonathon

Jon tried to show off his soccer skills indoors but we had to take his ball away because he wasn’t able to do much with furniture in the way.

The two youngest Lyra and Libby made an attempt to drag every toy out of the basket to show off

Lyra and Libby at play

Libby’s ears decided to do the “alternating flop” thing (the left one then the right one) – so they are back in tape for another week – at which point we’ll see if they decide to stay up.  In the meantime, cottage cheese is the side dish at each meal.

Trying to get puppies to look at you together can be a challenge – so Chris picked up the girls to get a photo.

Chris and the girls

You can see Libby is getting to be nearly as big as Lyra!