Meet the Family – Cai & Fergus (Yasashiikuma Kyanite So Fair & Yasashiikuma Bright Flame)

Today’s puppies are a pair of East Coast residents – Cai is from the Gemstone Litter, and Fergus is from the Fire Crew.   Gillian and Janet have been creative in not only giving you a verbal story, but a slideshow story also!  Enjoy!

 well-dressed dogs

Although sharing a bloodline — Cai’s father is Fergus’s great-grandfather, the mighty champion Hunter — Cai and Fergus are remarkably dissimilar. Cai resembles a short-legged fox, while Fergus is brown brindle. But it’s their differing personalities that make Gillian and me smile and scratch our heads. Cai is independent and laid back; Fergus is anxious to please and somewhat hair-triggered. Fergus barks rarely and sounds like a German Shepherd; Cai barks at every opportunity and sounds like a pubescent Chihuahua.


Cai lives for a game of fetch; Fergus delights in taking the toy from his submissive brother. Cai loves to snack on carrots, celery, and fresh cabbage; Fergus goes for raspberries, watermelon rind, and the sunflower seeds that fall beneath the bird feeder. As relatively inexperienced dog owners, we’ve learned so much from our compare-and-contrast canines. When Fergus was born on Gillian’s birthday, we decided that maybe Cai could benefit from a companion. Well, we’ve ALL benefited from Fergus’s arrival in the family.


Thank you, Shelley, for your care in bringing these lovable little creatures into our lives!

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