Meet the Family – Buddy and Jade – Ch. Yasashiikuma Buddy & Ch. Yasashiikuma Imperial Jade

Today’s story is about Buddy, from the Friend litter, and Jade from the Gemstone litter and is told by Mandy.


Buddy kept his name when he came home with us.  He is a buddy, always wanting to be with us and do what we are doing.  When he sees his girl, Micah, walking down the street, he will not walk anywhere else until he can greet her.  He is very loving and always wants to play.


Jade works hard to let us know if there is a dog barking anywhere within blocks of us.  She can also smell a skunk with the windows closed before we even know it is around.  She starts running around the house barking.  We have learned that that is her skunk signal.   She’s never been wrong yet!  Jade is a snuggle bunny who loves a nice place to sleep.


Both dogs like to make sure the cat knows her place and she plays along, letting them chase her when she feels like it.  Sometimes, she is not up for the game and won’t let them pass by.  It’s funny to watch a 40 lb dog be bested by a 7 lb cat.


Meet the Family – Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Friend of Mine, SJATD

Today’s puppy is Amigo – Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Friend of Mine – from the “Friends” litter – fostered by Carrie

Amigo 1

Amigo comes from the Friendship Litter, born in October 2009. After a career earning both American and Canadian championships and living in both Ohio and with Shelley in Dundalk, Amigo came to Carrie & Pete at the age of 2 to live an urban life in Toronto.

 Amigo 3

Amigo is making it mission in life to live up to his name. His first task was to be a friend to his grandma, Gale, who was mourning the loss of her sister, Megan. He rejuvenated her life encouraging her to play, engage, and walk further. His next task is to be our amazing little dude. He is a true cuddle master and you can definitely see Hunter’s legacy in him.

Amigo 2Finally, he is a “dog with a job”: using his gentle, zen temperament and desire to love in order to provide stress relief at Toronto universities, colleges, and high schools as a Therapy Dog with St John Ambulance. 

 Amigo 5

Amigo is also an out-tripper. Donning his very own life-jacket, he accompanies us on canoe trips. He loves the chance to run a bit wild and keep the campsites free of chipmunks. His only regret is he’s too short to see above the rim of the canoe when he’s in it! Corgi problems.

Amigo 4 ****************************************************************************************************************

Tomorrow – a two half -sisters who were very influential in most of the Yasashiikuma dogs out there today!



Sam and Amie are looking for a home

Sam and Amie are 2 and 1 year old and have come back to me due to unforeseen circumstances.   Sam is neutered, and is a full brother to Dolly, a year younger.  Amie, is his half sister from Rocky and Harvey.   She is a darling little fluff, and unfortunately had a bout of pancreatitis in the fall which has left her thin, and in need of building up again, and will need to be spayed.   She is not as confident as him, and I would really like to see the two of them be rehomed together because she seems to rely on him to give her direction as to what is safe and what isn’t.  They have been raised with children, and are basically a happy and healthy pair.

If you can provide them with a home, please contact me.  Information is on the contact page.