Father’s Day Litter born 6/19/16

Feeding time

Newborn babies – June 19, 2016


Dragoon and Shadow puppies arrived in this world on Father’s Day.

One week 1

One week old – June 26, 2016


Seven boys and 3 girls – all black and brindle.   At this point I have taken all of the pet reservations that I am willing to take on this litter.

Here are some photo of their first three weeks.

Puppies 20160705

Two weeks old – July 5, 2016

Shadow once again is being an absolutely fantastic mother.   She has managed to feed all the babies and keep them growing well with only minor supplementation the first few days.

The babies are now 3 weeks old and have started to be weaned to take the load off Mom.


Three weeks – Everybody growing well

A few of the babies have started to escape the whelping box in search of mom so they have been moved to a pen during the daytime.   Watch for more pics to come!