Meet the Family – Bunny, Scotch & Bear

We have had a few “two for the price of one” posts but today you are benefiting from a 3 for 1 special!!  Introducing Bunny (Yasashiikuma Diggin Up Daisies – DD Litter), Scotch (Yasashiikuma Olympic Torch – Olympic Litter) and Bear (Yasashiikuma Brown Sugar Bear – Concert Litter) as told by Sabrina!



Bunny is our little miracle puppy, Shelley and her helpers will tell you the story of keeping “little miss small but mighty” alive in the beginning. She was small, but she was here and you were going to hear her! Bunny came home with us the end of July 2011, she was our first corgi and first canine addition to our family.


The learning experience with Bunny was effortless she came home to us potty trained and never had an accident in her crate.


She was endlessly energetic and we learned quickly Bunny’s favourite past-times were RUNNING and meeting every person and dog at the park.

2 3

We lost our 2nd cat early after Bunny came home and she very quickly became best pals with our cat Kairi. To this day they enjoy cuddling for a nap and Bunny always takes care to clean Kairi’s ears.


Bunny is by far a Daddy’s girl and gets right up close to him in bed or on the couch. She’s amazed us with her intelligence, too. She topped her puppy class albeit with some grievances from the trainer since Bunny wanted you to know she was there and ready to perform. As the trainer would try to instruct treat in hand Bunny would bark, she wanted her to know she was there and she could do the task!

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We’ve gone on to do some great off-leash training with Bunny, and when sleigh bells were hung at the door for Christmas a few years ago she quickly figured out ringing the bells meant going outside so she started ringing them herself to ask to go out…Christmases have past but the bells haven’t come down since. 




My Mom was quickly smitten with her little “grand-puppy” Bunny, we had grown up with a German Shepherd/Black Lab cross who had past away a few years ago and my parents hadn’t yet found the right dog to fill that gap. Once they got to know Bunny and the Cardigan breed they found a lot of the traits they loved about owning Amber, but in a smaller package so Scotch politely came home with them in November 2012.


We’re a close family so Bunny and Scotch have been together a lot, they speak(bark) on the phone to each other when we’re apart and as soon as there is a whiff they might visit each other their excitement builds. 




Scotch is a sweet, gentle and loving soul. He is a family centred dog and happiest when both my parents and brother are home. He carries a Torch (hah!) for my Mother. Scotch is her doting companion, there are times I would call them soulmates.


As you can see by the pictures he is an alert watch dog either perching on the chair at the front window or lying across the stairs overlooking the front door so he can protect the family.


He’s a very silly guy with lots of unique howls and growls we call his “Chewbacca nosies”. Scotch also loves to carry a ball in his mouth when playing, he’s not interested in you throwing it, but play time = ball in mouth, even if that means muffled barks because of it. He’s a great addition to their family and a really loving soul. 


Bear (16 – 32)


My husband and I had test run having two dogs around thanks to Scotch and knowing it was the last litter for Dolly we decided we wanted dog number two to be Bunny’s half-sibling.


Dolly gave me the best birthday present ever bringing Bear into the world one day after my birthday on Dec 25, 2014. I remember talking about Bear coming home and we wondered if he’d be more like Scotch or Bunny, we quickly learned corgis DO NOT come in only two flavours. Bear is entirely his own unique personality.  

18 19

Introductions went very well with Bunny and Bear, she didn’t hold back on him and since day one introduced him to tug-of-war and chasing in the backyard which they continue to enjoy daily. Bunny is the boss of the house and did a great job of deflecting and moving away when Bear’s puppy excitement was too much for her. He caught on quickly and is happy to be her number two, but he gets his licks in by biting her tail and having her drag him around. 

 22 21 
 >Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Bear is a big ham, tail always wagging and he loves every person he meets. We call him “Grizzly Bear” since he is a very unique vocalist and he makes growls and moans whenever you give him an energetic pet.


He really is a big softy though and loves to have his paws held and pet, and his daily morning routine is to leap on my lap before I can even finish sitting down for his morning massage. He’s a big change from owning Bunny, but together our family feels full and rewarding. 

24  23


Bunny and Bear can look forward to November when we are moving to a new home in London (with a lot more space inside for them to run around), and a great patio door that walks out from my office to the backyard.


I’m looking forward to watching them get their favourite outside playtime in each day. We’re looking forward to doing some additional obedience training with Bear & Bunny once we move, and we hope to get Bunny into fly-ball one day soon. 

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 26  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



Wasn’t that a party?



This has been quite the week, and I can finally get around to updating the blog and dedicating this post to my very special girl Dolly.   I made a decision about a month ago, that this week would be Dolly’s last week of showing as a “special” (a champion), in shows.  She is 7, she is a mother of 19, wonderful puppies, and I arranged to hopefully send her out with a bang, showing her at three specialties the last week of her career.

Last week we travelled to Calgary, Alberta to show at the Alberta Kennel Club shows, and the Canadian National Specialty.   Dolly placed Best of Opposite Sex or Select in the 4 all breed shows, and at the Canadian National was Award of Merit, Best Brood Bitch, Best Veteran and Best Brace with her son Patrick.

Unfortunately the photo taken there was so ugly, I didn’t purchase it – so we have nothing to share from that weekend.

We then travelled down to Ohio, for the CWCCWR specialties where there were more dogs in the specials class alone than there were total entries at the Canadian National.   On Thursday, under judge Emily Fish Barnhart, Dolly and Dragoon were Select Dog and Select Bitch – an amazing end to her specials career.   


In addition to this her son Patrick (Yasashiikuma I Am Not a Number) was Winners Dog the same day.


On Saturday night, I posted an invitation and invited people at the show grounds to “Dolly’s Retirement Party”.

While she didn’t “go out with a bang” as I would have hoped she had a very respectable week of showing as an end to what I can only call a phenomenal show career.


Seven years ago I could never have imagined what a wild ride this little puppy would drag me along on at the end of her leash!


She finished her Canadian Championship easily in 3 weekends including going Best Of Winners at the booster preceding the specialty in 2008 in her underwear!  What a little tube she was!

Three days later, at the CWCCWR specialty in August 2008, she was Reserve Winners bitch under Gayle Garvin.

Just after this, I lost Chris, and disappeared from the show scene for 6 months coming back out at the CWCCA National specialty in Topeka KS, April 2009.  Despite the early end to our show season, Chip still ended up as #1 Cardigan in Canada that year, and Dolly as #5.

Dolly’s show career kicked into high gear with her Best of Winners Award for 5 points at the specialty under Breeder Judge Jon Kimes, and the following day Winners Bitch at the Three Trails Regional Specialty under Gayle Garvin for another 5 points.

Dolly began accumulating group placings in Canada, and in September was awarded an All-Breed Best in Show by Cheryl Myers-Egerton, the first Canadian bred bitch to achieve this award, and she did it in her underwear!


This qualified Dolly for an invitation to the Show of Shows in November 2009, where she again made history as the first Cardigan to even place in the group, placing 2nd behind the current #1 herding dog in the country.

In 2010 we returned to the US for another Natrional Specialty, where she was again awarded Winners Bitch to finish her US Championship with 3 5 point majors.

In August 2010 Dolly headed out west for the Canadian National Specialty – and won Best in Specialty!  This win also gave her the final qualification for her Canadian Grand Championship Excellent.  To date she is still the only GCH EX Cardigan.

Following this in July 2010, Dolly went down to the US for a short visit with Debbie and Katie Brooks to pursue her American Grand Championship also.   For the first two weekends she was undefeated, and would have completed the requirements the third weekend except for the final judge.    So she went into the CWCCWR specialty in August 2010 needing that last point.


Instead she picked up 5 points, and Select bitch under judge Simon Parsons, from the UK!  This made her the first American Grand Champion bitch!  And she is still the only Dual Grand Champion!

Next on her agenda was the Chesapeake Cardigan Corgi specialty in October 2010.


Dolly achieved a specialty Best of Breed  in the US with her incompetent breeder/owner/handler on the other end of the lead!   After this she went into the Group with Howard Huber, and came out with a group 3.

April 2011 – we once again headed south for the CWCCA National – this time in Houston under James Reynolds.


At this show, Dolly was 3 weeks pregnant with her first litter – the Double D puppies – Dash (Dare to Dream Big), Darren (Double Dare), Draco (Dragon Defender), Justin (Dancehall Doctor) are all Champions at this time.  Darby, Thor, and Bunny were all placed as pets, and Daisy was unfortunately placed with a friend who abused my trust.

In December 2011 Dolly and I travelled to Florida for the Eukanuba Invitational.  At this show Lois Demers handled her to the 1st Award of Excellence.


Then in March of 2012, I made the trip over to the UK for Crufts with Dolly and Dragoon to fulfill a bucket list item – to show at Crufts.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to handle her to Reserve CC under breeder judge Kim Neilsen.

In April of 2012 we headed to the US again for the CWCCA specialty and Dolly won an Award of Merit

Dolly CWCCA 2012


Shortly afterwards Dolly was bred for her second “lit” (not a full litter) resulting in my beautiful Cara.

In April 2013 we headed down to Arizona for the CWCCA National and Dolly brought home Runner up Brindle Bitch in the Megan, as well as Brace.

At the end of the year she had the Spy litter, and was not quite back into “fighting shape” at the 2014 National.  However her kids did her proud and she brought home Best Brood Bitch

Which brings us to this weekend, and Dolly’s party. 🙂

Dolly and I would like to thank everyone who stopped by to share in cake, drinks and treats.   Dolly herself would like to especially thank those who slipped her cheese, and meat snacks 🙂   Here are a few photos from Saturday afternoon.  Thank you all for your support of us over the years.   As the Irish Rovers sang “Tell me, me oh me oh my,
Wasn’t that a party?”

 DSC01726 DSC01725 DSC01724

Dolly enjoying a tiny corner of her cake!

Dolly enjoying a tiny corner of her cake!

DSC01720 DSC01722 DSC01723 DSC01718 DSC01717

Uterus for rent (Warning: Breeder Rant)

This has been a very sad week for me, and as much as I want to “let it go”, the betrayal of two people I considered friends, and the fate of one of Dolly’s puppies has me very upset.

Some of you have commented on the change in my adoption policies, and I am sorry that I will be disappointing people who have wanted a show puppy, but the emotional toll of this latest drama is more than I want to go through again.

Dolly has only had one bitch puppy that I have placed in a show/breeding home.  Her name is Yasashiikuma Driving Ms. Daisy.

Driving Miss Daisy 2 Driving Miss Daisy 1Unfortunately, although she is 3 years old, these are the last photos I have of her, at 7 weeks.  In all this time despite numerous requests I have never seen another picture of her.  

This all started with Lori Kopreski who originally wanted a puppy from another litter, but that didn’t work out.  We had been in regular communication for several years, and I agreed to put her on the waiting list based upon the highlighted promises in this email (full email is still on my machine)

Loris emailIt seems that the “promise” was worth about as much as the electrons it cost to send that email.  

The owner has had health issues, and so I bent my own rule (since I thought I knew her) and allowed her to be transported by a mutual friend, without having a signed contract in my hands first.  Even though I admit that was a mistake, truly a contract is only of value if you have the money to enforce it.  What a contract really does, is set out the expectations and desires of all parties.  I felt that had already been done in the email above.   When the mutual friend dropped off Daisy, her purchaser reiterated to her the conditions under which she was purchasing her, so she cannot say she did not know.

Due to illness, and other life situations Lori has never, to my knowledge shown Daisy.  As I said, despite many requests and promises, I have never seen a picture of Daisy.   I was frustrated when she showed other dogs,  but said nothing when Daisy was still not shown.    I made offers to take her back, and to show her but did not get replies.

I commiserated on my frustration with Penni Adrian (Elyan Cardigans).   Little did I know that she person would go behind my back and arrange to “lease” Daisy, for a breeding.

Now for those who don’t understand, a lease agreement is where a bitch or dog, is given to someone else for the purpose of showing and/or breeding for a set period of time.  This person can do what they want with the dog during that time, iincluding breeding and registering progeny.   In the case of a bitch, it is basically a “uterus for rent”.  In this case the purchaser gets a puppy back.

When I initially heard of this arrangement, I was upset by it, but thought that I could appeal to the integrity of Lori.  I sent this email:

Hi Lori,


This has been eating me since for quite a while so I am going to get it off my chest and put it behind me.


See the email below that you sent me when you wanted a puppy from me.  You promised to show her, and to decide with me where she would be bred etc.


I trusted you as a friend, to not force you to sign a formal contract.

 (I have trimmed here to not name people involved)

What I hoped, was that the purchaser would say “Oh yes, you are right, I did make that promise and I will abide by it”.    Instead I basically got  “go take a long walk off a short pier”.   There were excuses about why Daisy was not shown, there were more issues, in the purchasers life, but not one statement about having violated the promises made in the email.

Since I obviously could not appeal to her to have integrity and live up to the promises she made, I tried to work on the other side.  I made it known, I was not in favour of this breeding, that I expected Lori to live up her agreement, or at least return the dog to me if she was unable to.   Penni said that she felt the arrangement was in the best interest of Daisy as it would get her out of the kennel, and would give her a chance to put a title on her to count towards Dolly’s ROM.   For me, the ROM is not important.  Yes, I would like to see Daisy out of the kennel, but not at the cost of providing puppies.   As this has progressed I have gotten more and more upset over the situation.  On Tuesday night I received an email saying if the situation bothered me that much, Penni would not do the breeding.  I was relieved, and then shocked on Wednesday when that decision was reversed

If Daisy is in a bad situation, she should be returned to me as per our agreement.  If the purchaser doesn’t want her anymore, here is public notice that I will refund her money and take her back (and I usually don’t refund money on adult dogs!).   But it is eating me alive, to think of a baby I brought into this world be used as nothing more than a uterus for rent.


The Olympic challengers & overseas news

It feels like forever since I have been to a local show.   My life as it is at the moment doesn’t really allow for time to bathe and groom, and during the week I don’t have the facilities for it.   But there was a show close to Minden this weekend in Orono, so I entered Cara, Zeus and Dolly just to get out in the ring, and Athena was entered as well.

On Saturday Zeus was RWD, Cara was WB/BOW, and Athena was RWB.  Dolly won the breed but got no love in the group.

Sunday was the type of day that makes you doubt your sanity for participating in this sport.   This photo, taken with my phone, is what we arrived to:

That’s Becki trying to keep Corgis semi-dry!!  And if it was “light rain” I would hate to think what it classifies as heavy!!  In front of the tree line you can see the rain bouncing off the ground!!


In the ring, however, despite the mud, and losing a boot on the “go-around” to the suction from the mud, it was a better day and the two Olympians each won their first points.  Athena (Yasashiikuma Athena’s Inspiration) was Winners Bitch


Matt and Athena


And then Zeus (Yasashiikuma Olympic Pride) went on to Best of Winners getting the crossover points.  I’m glad his family was there to get to see the win.   I’m afraid I am the eyesore in this photo – but the rain was torrential, therefore the “drowned rat” look 🙂


Zeus - 10 months - Best of Winners

Congratulations to the families of these two puppies, and I look forward to seeing them grow up!!

Hot on the tail of this news came a text from the UK, that Darren (Yasashiikuma Telltail Dbledare) has made history as the first North American bred Cardigan to win the group at a championship show across the pond.  Congratulations also go out to Lisa, Paula and Carrie on this tremendous win!