Breeding heartbreak

Unfortunately the last boy of Libby’s litter didn’t make it.   🙁

Poor little Gunner succumbed to an unknown malady last night.   He was born #11 of 12 – and neither 10 or 12 took a breath.  The only thing that I can think of is that there was sme problem in that part of the horn, or that even though they were born fairly rapidly, the placentas must have separated too long before they were born.

Here is Libby with the gang, individuals will hopefully follow over the weekend.

The longest day of the year – in more ways than one

There are 10 new babies in the house.   Libby decided she could not possibly hold onto the entire brood she was carrying any longer and whelped 12 puppies in record time with a minimum of fuss.   Unfortunately two didn’t make it but welcome to the new arrivals – now known as “The Biker Gang”

There are seven boys – Rebel, Aero, Harley, Max, Norton, Ascot and Gunner – and three girls – Shadow, Star and Ariel. Five blacks and five brindles. A little heavily overweighted on the testosterone side, but glad to report all are doing very well.

And Dolly’s brood got their first taste of “Mommy in a Pan”. Dixie has the advantage here having been fed from a custard cup for the past two weeks. Watch her take over the bowl – from the inside! She may be small, but she is mighty!


That seems to be the first words out of everyone’s mouth when they see this xray. Libby is 56 days along. Since she seems to be expanding exponentially I thought I would see what is going on.

So what are your guesses?

Also now recruiting names. This will be the bike gang. Obvious names off the top of my head are Harley, Shadow, Phantom, Aero. Have fun guys!