Surfacing for a word or two…

I have had the best of intentions of keeping everything up to date, but I have pictures and videos on the camera and tons of news to report and have not had the time to make pretty blog posts.   There are quite a number on the “draft” list that are works in progress.

First – puppy updates.  The DD litter had their Puppy Aptitude tests last night, and there were really no surprises.  One atypical/typical temperament i.e. typical for a Cardigan, untypical for my Cardigans.  Otherwise there were more 3’s and 4’s across the board.  It has been miserably hot all week, and the test was done indoors, so I’m proud of the babies for handling it all so well.  They had their first chicken backs this morning which brought out their “inner wolf” 🙂  They are doing very well on their crate and potty training, and the families who are getting Dafydd, Dylan and Daisy have been advised, and are eagerly looking forward to their new family members.

The Biker Gang has moved into the kitchen and are starting to become potty trained.  Of course one or two always “get a clue” long before the others so there is still a lot of puppy laundry being done on their account.

 In show news I haven’t been able to attend any shows myself with the babies, the dogs have done me proud both in North America and overseas.

Dragoon, on his European tour, is fulfilling a dream with a Lisa and Carrie.  My goal has always been to produce dogs that not only have impeccable temperaments, but can compete equally with the best in the world.  Dragoon has been overeas for just about two months and has already completed his French championship, 2/3 of his UK championship, and 1/3 of his international championship.  As well, he is winning fans all over with his sweet, biddable temperament.

In the U.S., Chip went to play with Tim Zeitz for a weekend, and came home an American Champion.   Other than the handful of shows he went to last summer with Tim, and the one weekend with Colin this past winter, Chip has only shown at specialties, so exactly a  year from start to finish (both at the Munro KC show) was a good period in my mind.

The Nautical kids have made their ring debuts and Naomi, Captain and Grace are 3,2, and 3 points from their Championships.  I think that for a bunch of less than 9 month olds, that is pretty good!  And the nicest thing is that they are actually defeating competition, not just each other!

I have lots of video and pictures that need to be posted, so please be patient, I’m dancing as fast as I can!


The Biker Gang – June 25, 2011

Rebel was the first puppy – and is named for my first bike. 🙂

Aero has a little arrow on the back of his neck pointing up.  It also happens to be the name of my second bike 🙂

The biggest black boy is Harley.  This may have been a mistake, as he was the most obstinate and difficult about having his picture taken.  I dread to think what he’s going to be like when his eyes open!

Shadow is the first of the black female.  She has a blaze and socks, but no body markings

On the other hand, Max has the  maximum amount of allowable “chrome” with the colour coming to the edge of his eye.


Norton is the second of the black males. He has a nice collar and socks.

Star is a brndle female. She also has very little white other than the face and socks, just a tiny little white star on the back of her neck.

Ascot is the last of the black boys and has a full white bib and collar

The last of the girls is Ariel. She is a brindle pointed tri with a collar AND a star on neck