Cardigans and kids

When people ask me how Cardigans are with children, I always say that they are good with children as long as the children are good with dogs.   By that I mean I don’t expect any dog to put up with hair pulling or fingers in the eyes, but Cardigans are smart enough to remove themselves from the situation and go to a safe place.  Then it is up to the parents to teach the children to respect the dogs wishes.

But sometimes I place dogs in famiilies where children aren’t there where they first go home, but have arrived later.   What happens then?   Well I’d like to share  some photos of  Cardigans who are totally besotted with their new protegees.

badger-and-hugo-feb-2016I’ve been watching these two grow up together for almost two years now, and the close relationship between Badger and his little brother in every photo from infancy through toddler has given me damp eyes to see.  I love the frequent updates of their kinship.

15033963_10157676690445335_1724957623_oDuke has a new little sister to whom he is slavishly devoted.  He is never far from her according to mom, even sleeping under her high chair.


And Pepper also has a new baby in the family, and this is where she can be found whenever the baby is accessible.  

So we know that young dogs can definitely adapt to having a new arrival in the house.   But what about an older dog?   One that is used to having its own space and own toys and mom’s complete attention for 7 years.

julies-babyJulie is Dolly’s sister, and her mom reports that Julie has taken on a whole new youthful attitude now that she has a baby brother to look after.   Here she was even bringing him one of her toys to play with.

Aren’t Cardigans just the most wonderful dogs in the world?

Father’s Day Litter born 6/19/16

Feeding time

Newborn babies – June 19, 2016


Dragoon and Shadow puppies arrived in this world on Father’s Day.

One week 1

One week old – June 26, 2016


Seven boys and 3 girls – all black and brindle.   At this point I have taken all of the pet reservations that I am willing to take on this litter.

Here are some photo of their first three weeks.

Puppies 20160705

Two weeks old – July 5, 2016

Shadow once again is being an absolutely fantastic mother.   She has managed to feed all the babies and keep them growing well with only minor supplementation the first few days.

The babies are now 3 weeks old and have started to be weaned to take the load off Mom.


Three weeks – Everybody growing well

A few of the babies have started to escape the whelping box in search of mom so they have been moved to a pen during the daytime.   Watch for more pics to come!