92 in the shade


Today promises to be another brutally hot day outside. At 10:30 it was already 92 degrees, so the dogs are staying in the house even though their new kennel runs are finished.

Below are three pictures of where the kennel is at. I still need to get the doors finished and the interior in shape for the dogs to be in there during the day.

There are now 4 runs – 2 that are 10×10 and 2 that are 8×8. All of the runs will have a door to go into a separate interior pen in the building.

Between the two 10×10 runs is a 4 foot high wall. In this way none of the occupants of the runs can see the occupants of any other run. That should hopefully prevent the Fun Police (aka Rocky) from engaging in any prolonged barking because someone else is playing in which she isn’t included.

The remaining area is one huge gravel play area where puppies can play, or the big guy can be loose in.

Along with the kennel – the gardens are being whipped into shape in the front. The problem is that every year a pile of the prior years perennials get pulled out 🙁 This is getting to be expensive!

The grass in the rear is still being left for the horses. Here is Manitou, first just after the vet and now two weeks past his dental work. The poor old guy was looking very rough – but from the second picture you can see that he is starting to get some shine back into his coat and some more weight on his bones. Hopefully another few weeks and he’ll be back to himself fully again. This winter I am going to have no choice but to find somewhere to board them….it is impossible to find a reliable person to look after them while I am at work.

A bit of everything day…..

Much stuff going on today! An interview, a load of tasks completed, a not so happy vet visit, and playing with a new toy!

So for my interview this morning I decided I would wear my nice new grey suit. You know, the one I bought for the Nationals, that ended up staying home in a garment bag hanging on the cupboard door?

Nothing like losing 20 lbs and having the suit fall off before you even get to wear it ONCE!! The waist now drops 6 inches from where it was when I bought it….that means the legs are 6″ longer. Hmmm…rolled up suit pants are not in style last time I looked. So Shelley had to attempt to baste up a hem on the pants. Oh boy…..

Well it wasn’t a horrible job, but I think I’ll take the suit into Frank the Tailor and have him redo it, together with taking in the pants! 😛

The interview went fairly well, but of course one never knows! Another one on Monday.

Then I came home and had to bring in the horses to wait for the vet. Manitou is in very sorry shape despite all the food I’ve been throwing at him, so I figured he was in need of worming and having his teeth floated again. Nero isn’t in tip top shape either. I was beginning to wonder if something was severely wrong with the quality of the hay I had.

Well both of them had very sharp edges on their teeth which were impeding their grinding ability, plus they each had a tooth at a funny angle that needed to come out. For those of you who don’t know – horses teeth grow all their lives, and the shape of the tooth and the angles change, which is why up to about 12 you can pretty accurately tell the age of a horse by its teeth. At 31, Manitou is long past that, and Jim told me his teeth are pretty much useless now, so I am going to have to soak alfalfa cubes and beet pulp for him and feed him separately from Nero so he gets to actually eat it. It also means I’m going to seriously need to look at boarding the horses this winter so they don’t lose condition again, being in a more heated barn. Hopefully Manitou will pull out of this – but right now he looks like an SPCA case.

Then, after Jim left I took some more pictures for Penni. Before I lost my job I had ordered myself a new lens for my DSLR, so it got a tryout today.

First here is a shot of Chase playing Peekaboo behind one of the uprights for the new fence (don’t get me started on that subject!!) This was taken off the back deck over 100′ away! I’m happy with the clarity!

Anyone remember my little wolfhound puppy? Well he’s now a BIG wolfhound puppy….puppy being the key word here! He’s lovable, sweet, and klutzy! And he is convinced that he is a corgi. The problem being that, as you can see, NOTHING is out of his reach! He grabs things off the counter or the grooming table on his way out the door and then its Catch Me if You Can!

Today for the first time this year I actually noticed the scent of the lilacs 🙂 They are my favourite flowers, not necessarily this colour – but the darker purples, and cranberry coloured ones, and my one at the front which has dark purple flowers with white edges.

And here is a smile for you: (you’ll need to blow this up to look at it), I found this while trying to look up some other information on line. You want to read about the second “Marriage” – Cooper-Martin. 🙂

Okay, did you read it? You know what everyone was wearing? Even the flower girl? You can picture it in your mind?

And here is an actual photo of the event from my photo album! It is funny what you can find online these days!

“The Rest of the Story”

When I wrote the post about my Christmas gift from Chris I promised there would be a follow up story this week with regards to the framing, and here it is.

When I took the print to be framed by Rosemarie we discussed the fact that I had not also won the Lynx in the auction and that I was still looking for another wildlife print to fill the empty wall. Rosemarie asked me if I had ever considered original art instead of a print. We began to talk about different options and she mentioned to me that there was a local artist, Bram Wolfe, who did Wildlife Art, as well as Western art. I found his website, and we emailed back and forth about his paintings. In one email he asked if I had ever considered a picture of Manitou, and this led to the suggestion of a painting of Chris and Manitou.


Bram came over to show me some of his paintings, I gathered photos of Chris,


and Chip,



and the end result, which he delivered today is what you see. Click on the picture to increase the size, and see what Chip is looking at 🙂


Yes, it brought tears to my eyes when he took it out of the package.

Ahem!! Can we have your attention please for an official announcement!!


Just look at these pictures:


“What?? What kind of pronouncement of spring is that??”

Those in the know, understand that this is the sign of spring we have all been waiting for.  For once again, maintaining his 100% accuracy rate for the past 24 winters, Manitou (named for the great Algonquin spirit) has correctly pintpointed the early beginning and late ending of winter.

In early October when the local radio station was proclaiming the lovely Indian summer would hopefully last, I unfortunately had to pass on the news to “enjoy it while you can”.  Manitou had already started growing winter coat, and three weeks later I sent this picture – our first snowfall of the year on October 28, 2007.

Not growing as heavy a coat as usual was Manitou’s way of informing us that while the winter was going to be long, it wasn’t going to be excessively cold, and again he was right in that we had very few days of excessively cold temperatures, and in fact we were lucky to get two thaws throughout the season or the snow would have come up to the eaves of the house.

Wiarton Willy predicted an early spring, however, Manitou continued to hold on to coat.  The calendar turned and spring arrived according to the date, temperatures went up into the double digits, but I once again warned people that we were due for at least one more dumping….Manitou was STILL holding onto his coat.

And sure enough Tuesday March 25th, a dumping arrived that set records thanks to another warm air mass moving up from the U.S.

So, the two pictures above truly herald the arrival of spring!  They are closeups of Manitou starting to shed out his winter coat, and now we can all be certain that winter is truly over! So hopefully it will be warm and sunny when it comes time to celebrate Manitou’s 30th birthday on the 30th of this month 🙂



As for some of the other creatures around here…well Nero, the Bonehead, says, “Was there a winter?”

And this little guy who has managed to avoid getting trapped by me all winter is STILL determined to only be caught with a camera: