2016 Wrap up – Beginnings and Endings

So 2016 is drawing to a close, and so are some hopes and plans.   Its been a rough year, and no fairy god mother, knight on a white steed, or lottery win has appeared.   So changes are going to have to be made, and there will be a number of young dogs available for sale or for lease. 

We finished up the year at the Elora Gorge Kennel Club show.   An ending of sorts, but a beginning too, as two of the babies made their ring debuts.


My ribbon is almost as big as **I** iz!!!


Guinness was entered in Baby Puppy (3-6 months) at 16 weeks of age. He looked like a midget, especially compared to the German Shepherds and other large herding dogs, but he held his own and although he didn’t show well with anyone else, he did great with me the last day earning a Best Baby Puppy in Group. Here is his profile in the Best Baby Puppy in Show ring. Lots to love about this boy.


And an entirely new chapter was written with the introduction of Annik.   It’s funny how many people in the show community now don’t remember that my first love was the wolfhounds.

me-and-ruari-st-martin-nb ruari-group-4-nbkc-2000

Long before the Dolly and Dragoon days – there was the Donovan and Ruari days!

But even though I can’t do that seven year heartache ever again, I needed a large dog in the house, and brought home Annik last summer.

She has gone through some wonky growth periods where I wasn’t ready to let the world see her, but Annik made her debut this weekend also.   Unfortunately as the ONLY Swissy she had no competition and no points, but it gave her lots of opportunity to go from goofball to “almost a show dog” over the weekend.  Thank you Dennis for your patience with her and her antics.   I have lots of high hopes for her in the future, and will need to get the website re-worked again to include her!

Here is her progress over the first show.

 So while it may not have been a “wildly” successful year, it was a good one.  Dragoon ended the year as #1 Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Canada, and #22 Herding dog.    Jolene won the Canadian National and will end up as #7 Cardigan, Hope as #11 and #2 puppy, and Susie will tie for #15.  Gryphon, Natasha and Sean are all close to championships.

In the U.S. there has been several major awards won by the youngsters, and titles earned in Europe also.

But breeding quality dogs is not easy, and without anyone to share it with, is no longer really feeding my soul.   Where at one time there was Chris, and there was a partner to share the joys and sorrows, its now all on me.   Joy is multiplied when shared, and burdens are eased when divided. 

So while there will be Yasashiikuma dogs out representing us, as things stand right at this second, you most likely will not see me. Good luck to all of you who are there to continue to carry the flag, I will be with you in spirit.  I hope all of your show days are successful ones.


Cardigans and kids

When people ask me how Cardigans are with children, I always say that they are good with children as long as the children are good with dogs.   By that I mean I don’t expect any dog to put up with hair pulling or fingers in the eyes, but Cardigans are smart enough to remove themselves from the situation and go to a safe place.  Then it is up to the parents to teach the children to respect the dogs wishes.

But sometimes I place dogs in famiilies where children aren’t there where they first go home, but have arrived later.   What happens then?   Well I’d like to share  some photos of  Cardigans who are totally besotted with their new protegees.

badger-and-hugo-feb-2016I’ve been watching these two grow up together for almost two years now, and the close relationship between Badger and his little brother in every photo from infancy through toddler has given me damp eyes to see.  I love the frequent updates of their kinship.

15033963_10157676690445335_1724957623_oDuke has a new little sister to whom he is slavishly devoted.  He is never far from her according to mom, even sleeping under her high chair.


And Pepper also has a new baby in the family, and this is where she can be found whenever the baby is accessible.  

So we know that young dogs can definitely adapt to having a new arrival in the house.   But what about an older dog?   One that is used to having its own space and own toys and mom’s complete attention for 7 years.

julies-babyJulie is Dolly’s sister, and her mom reports that Julie has taken on a whole new youthful attitude now that she has a baby brother to look after.   Here she was even bringing him one of her toys to play with.

Aren’t Cardigans just the most wonderful dogs in the world?

Chesapeake Specialty


Jolene was once again my star of the weekend, picking up a 3 point and a 5 point major at the all breed show and the first specialty, and going reserve to the 5 point major at the second specialty.   That gives her three majors with a total of 12 points!

Jack picked up his first points on Friday, and Hope was first in her class at all three shows.  It was a great weekend and very enjoyable, and I thank Anne Taylor and Barb Waldkirch for helping me to get the girls into the ring!  You ladies reminded me of what shows SHOULD be like!


The Youngsters – 2016 Show News

There has been a lot of activity in and out of the show ring.   Here is a summary of what is going on with the kids so far for 2016.


Am./Cdn,/UKC Ch. Yasashiikuma I Am Not A Number

(Oban x Dolly October 30/14)


Patrick returned to the U.S. and completed his American Championship at the same she where he picked up his first two majors, at the Western Reserve Specialty.


Am. Ch. Yasashiikuma Codename Intrepid

co-owned with Gayle Petrick (Oban x Dolly October 30/14)



Duffy has returned to both the AKC & UKC rings.   He has already picked up 2 Grand Champion majors in AKC, and several group placements and a couple of group wins in UKC.  He attended UKC National and with the competiion there is so far qualified for Top 10 in 2017 too!   Duffy has also earned his Barn Hunt instinct test.


Am. Ch. Yasashiikuma Angie of Heulwen

co-owned with Lori Sams (Mick x Dolly December 26/15)


Angie has finished her American Championship and has already picked up two Grand Champion majors.



Am. GCh. Yasashiikuma Hwy Heading South

co-owned with Lynn Maxey (Mick x Dolly December 26/15)


Jacob had a whirlwind show debut starting his career in January at the Brookesville, FL shows and six showss later finishing his American Grand Championship!



Yasashiikuma Heart of A Lion

  (Patrick x Athena – August 30/15)

 gryphon-best-in-sweepstakes-smallGryphon has been having great success on both sides of the border,  he is 4 pts from his Canadian championship, and got his first US major at Western Reserve specialty weekend.  His successes also include Winners Dog at the Canadian National Specialty and at one of the following All-Breed shows.



Yasashiikuma Master of Time

co-owned with Angelika Ludwig (Patrick x Athena August 30/15)


 Chronos has been doing very well at a number  European shows earning consistent excellent critiques.   He is now a German Youth CH. and has earned other awards, including his first CAC.


Ch. Yasashiikuma Dare T’Believe

  (Mick x Dash  February 24/16)


Hope is another puppy that has flown through her championship – three weeks from her first show to her championship!!   The following week she picked up back-to-back Best Puppy in Group wins at the Burlington Kennel Club show.



Yasashiikuma Dare T’B Diffrent

  (Mick x Dash February 24/15)


 Susie has made her show ring debut, but has only earned one point being overshadowed by her sister.  Now that Hope is done Susie will have her opportunity to shine.


Yasashiikuma Truth or Dare

co-owned with Barb Luce (Mick x Dash February 24/15)

quinnQuinn has made her show ring debut, earning a Baby puppy Group 2nd and was awarded Reserve Winners bitch over several much older females at her first official show, but unfortunately contracted kennel cough at the show and had to abstain from showing for 30 days.   We look forward to her returning to the ring at the end of the month.