Cinder’s Secret

Cinder has been keeping us in suspense.   She was bred to Sonny back in January, and we’ve been watching her closely for signs of pregnancy…but she’s been keeping her “condition” a closely guarded secret.

Well it seems today the secret is out!

What hasn’t been visible standing is DEFINITELY visible when she is lying down!!

So it looks like we are expecting babies from Sonny and Cinder in Mid-March.    Unless she decides to have them on St. Patrick’s day I’m planning on a “Fire” theme for this litter so we can use name suggestions if you have them.

Pedigree of: Cinder and Sonny Puppies
Merrymoon Noblestar Jacob Cdn. Ch. Mazara Merrymoon Reggae Bob Am. Ch. Rhydowen I Be Jammin NA TT Am. Ch. Locksleyhall Laird
Rhydowen Tydvil ‘Ot Fudge Fani
Cardach’s Happy Blu Bootes Am. Ch. Sisterwood Starry Starry Nite
Am. Cdn. Ch. Cardach Happy’s Fyxsen CDX
Am/Cdn. Ch. Merrymoon Devil Woman US/UK/Can Ch Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans Eng. Ch. Joseter Joson ROMG
Am. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Luck Be A Lady ROMG
Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable MBISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT, CGC, TDI, ROMG
Am./Cdn. Ch. Rikarlo American Phi
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Fire and Ice Am/Cdn BIS, MBISS Am. Cdn. Ch. McLea’s Admiral MBISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT, CGC, TDI, ROMG Am./Cdn. Ch. Salvenik Sea Treasure ROMS
BISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi’s Amazing Grace Ap Ronel
Am. Ch. McLea’s Allie Am. Ch. Davenitch Peer of Pluperfect
Am. Ch. Westwyn Athena
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Spiced Rum Am./Cdn. Ch. Merrymoon Firestorm MBISS Am./Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Pirate’s Patch
Cdn. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Cinnamon Heart Am./Cdn. Ch. Markwell’s Matthew Cuthbert
Cdn. Ch. Yasashiikuma Heart Of Gold

The Dog Breeder’s Husband (A Poem for Chris and the other guys out there)

I’m just a dog breeders husband
I no longer rule my domain
Even if kindly invited
from opinions I wisely refrain

I’m just a glorified kennel boy
Of minor importance I know
It seems my primary function
Is merely providing the dough

Now dog breeding’s not inexpensive
As you all no doubt are aware
But the problem’s not so much the money
as the bustle, the wear and the tear

Having studied the layback of shoulder
and becoming an expert on feet
I still have not learned to give worm pills
or how much the puppy should eat

My spouse will spend hours grooming
her Bred By Exhibitor bitch
But when it comes to scratching my back
her thought is to let the thing itch

Some day I hope that my wife’ll
Take me wondering to some foreign vale
Instead of inspecting the stifle
of some Special stud at Hinsdale

Off in a crowded motel room
after the dog show is o’er
Someone questions the judges decision
While they reach for another drink more

It appears that his eyesight is failing
His errors in judgment immense
In fact if I did not know better
You’d doubt if he had any sense

One finds that the amateur’s bungling
no match for professional skills
A handler can hide what the owner admits
As he tries hard his conscience to still

The din and the utter confusion
of everyone talking at once
Leaves one weary, hoarse and irascible
and the next day a bleary eyed dunce

Sometimes late in the evening
I’m asked if I do not agree
That Pottowattamie’s Bridget
Is somewhat out at the knee

But before I can answer the question
I find my answer ignored
For some inexplicable reason
My questioner’s suddenly bored

I’m only a dog breeders husband
Not that I mean to complain
But I find certain aspects amazing
When I aspire my role to explain.

I know at least where I am going
I’m rapidly going to seed
But I’ve learned about Winner’s Bitches
I married the Best of the Breed

–author unknown

What does one write for a first post?

Okay, I finally have a blog….everyone else seems to have one, so Chris made me one too.

I had some ideas, but the events of the last couple of weeks, have left me a little too sad to write about them.

So as for news…..

Cinder was bred to Sonny and is due March 15th if she’s taken.  Up to this point she isn’t telling.  If there are no telltale signs this week we’ll get an ultrasound done because I have to make decisions about whether Rocky will also be bred this year, and to who.  I’m flipflopping over a couple of choices, including repeating the breeding to Hunter.  I just love Dolly and Rocky Jr – and the other puppies that are going to be shown have hopefully turned out to be just as nice!

We had puppy people visiting today and with other people to distract the dogs, managed to get some cute photos. Jonathon

Jon tried to show off his soccer skills indoors but we had to take his ball away because he wasn’t able to do much with furniture in the way.

The two youngest Lyra and Libby made an attempt to drag every toy out of the basket to show off

Lyra and Libby at play

Libby’s ears decided to do the “alternating flop” thing (the left one then the right one) – so they are back in tape for another week – at which point we’ll see if they decide to stay up.  In the meantime, cottage cheese is the side dish at each meal.

Trying to get puppies to look at you together can be a challenge – so Chris picked up the girls to get a photo.

Chris and the girls

You can see Libby is getting to be nearly as big as Lyra!

Show News – 2007

Pictures from some recent show wins…

The Ontario Cardigan Fanciers held their first Supported Entry show at the Credit Valley Kennel Club show December 8, 2007.

Judge: Mrs. Honey Glendinning

Chip (Yasashiikuma Diamond Solitaire) was Awarded: Best of Winners and Best Puppy for 3 points to finish his Canadian Championship.

Rocky Jr. (Yasashiikuma Emerald Mountain – owned by the Leung family) was Awarded: Winners bitch for 2 points

Not to be outdone her litter sister Dolly (Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid) was Awarded: Reserve Winners Bitch

Cinder was Awarded: Best of Opposite Sex

The next day Topaz (Yasashiikuma Xtacee Topaz) owned by Kathy & Gus Schwabe finished her Canadaian Championship.

Judge: Mr. Bud Haverstock

Awarded: Best of Opposite Sex, Winners Bitch for 2 points

Chip wins at his first show at the Trillium Kennel Club show October 26, 2007.

Judge: Mr. Steve Dainard

Awarded: Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners and Best Puppy for 2 points

Jade, Tiger and Topaz at the Oxford Kennel Club show July 15, 2007.

Judge: Mr. Arley Hussin

Awarded: Jade – Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy

Tiger – Best of Winners for 3 points

Topaz – Winners Bitch for 2 points

Jade finishing her Championship at the Oxford Kennel Club show July 14,

Judge: Mrs. Christina Hubbell Awarded: Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex

Topaz earning her first two Canadian points at the Oxford Kennel Club show July 13,

Judge: Mr. Joe Gregory Awarded: Winners Bitch, & Best of Opposite Sex

Jonathon winning Reserve Winners Dog
at the CCCC Booster held at the
Kingston and District Kennel Club June 13, 2007

Judge: Morley Thornton Awarded: Reserve Winners Dog & Best Puppy

Jade winning her first points at Aurora Kennel Club in May 2007

Judge: Peter Machen, Awarded: Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed

Six points in one weekend

Jonathon winning his first points at Aurora Kennel Club in May 2007

Judge: Peter Machen, Awarded: Winners Dog

Tiger winning his first points at Aurora Kennel Club in May 2007

Judge: Mr. Hubenthal, Awarded: Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed

Jaime winning her first points at Caledon Kennel Association in November 2006

Judge: Martin Doherty, Awarded: Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed

Four points in one weekend