Dolly at the Bike Show 2014

Some of you may remember this photo shoot of Dolly done back in 2010 when I had my first bike, my Rebel.


When I graduated to a larger bike I had Dolly and Dragoon painted on the tank by Amanda Brisebois of Black Widow Airbrushing:

bike tank top bike tank side

So Dolly has been connected to me and my bikes pretty well all along for the past three years. So when I went down to help at the Iron Siren’s booth at the Toronto International Bike Show, Dolly went along to keep an eye on me.

Dolly was a big hit, and I think people took more photos of her laying on her blanket wearing her leathers than they did of some of the bikes!

And on Saturday Dolly got her patch as an official “Iron Siren in Training” :) Since she can’t ride herself she can’t be a full member, but she’s cool with that. She still thinks she’s the ultimate Biker Bitch :)

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Corgi Angel

Gale corgi snowangel

Yesterday, a corgi snow angel crossed the bridge to become a corgi angel

Gale, Phi-Vestavia Storm of Yasashiikuma, was 14 years old, and spent most of that in excellent health.   She was the perpetual puppy, and never showed her age until a poor reaction to medication a couple of months ago.   She lived with me for the first half of her life, and retired to live with Carolyn Reimer, and her half-sister Megan at 7 years old after raising her last litter .  Gale adapted easily to city life and loved High Park in Toronto with its huge squirrel population.

Gale portrait

Gale herself was never a show dog.  She detested the show ring, the travel, and everything except the people who would pet her.   She would slink around the show ring acting like she was going to beaten, until we left the ring, at which point she would morph into a happy, tail-wagging little fox, jumping up and licking everyone outside the ring.

Despite never winning a single point herself, Gale is behind almost every dog I have in the home today.


Family Portrait 2012

Family Portrait 2012


Gale’s first litter in 2002, sired by Brandy (Ch. Yasashiikuma Heartbreak Kid) was a tribute to my partner Bill who died the year before.  All of the puppies were named for his interests and hobbies – country music, arrowheads and his birthplace of Summerside PEI.   My son has two of these puppies – Spud (Yasashiikuma Summerside Son) and Ruby (Ch. Yasashiikuma Weetartan Sedalia)  Ruby had the Gemstone litter, and Lacey (Ch. Yasashiikuma Obsidian) was the mother of Am/Cdn Yasashiikuma Diamond Solitaire (Chip).  As well  in this litter were Yasashiikuma You Belong to Me, Yasashiikuma Roses for Mama, Yasashiikuma Classic Country, Yasashiikuma Casual Attire, and Yasashiikuma Heart Will Go On.

Her second litter in 2003 was sired by Toby (Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Uriel of Caerleon).  This was the Wind litter, and included my Rocky (Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Scirocco) who is Dolly’s mother, Zephyr (Am Ch. Yasashiikuma Zephyr of PV) who has gone on to produce European Champions,  Tory (Yasashiikuma Tornado Warning, Am CD, Cdn CDX, RN, SADC, SSGDC, AgN, AgNJ, CGC), Kasha (Yasashiikuma Eye of the Storm), and Lacy (Yasashiikuma La Mistral).

Her third litter, the Vacuums, in 2004 was by TM and unfortunately did not provide me with anyone to continue on with but resulted in two wonderful pets Yasashiikuma Kirby (Lola) and Yasashiikuma Dyson (Dawson).

Gale’s final litter was by Welkes and resulted in the two Highway boys – Yasashiikuma Highway to Heaven (Jonathon) and Yasashiikuma Life is a Highway (Rascal).   However, Ruby, Gale’s daughter from her first litter had a litter 6 days earlier and was rejecting them, so Gale easily accepted her grandchildren, the Gemstone Litter, as puppies from Heaven, and raised Leana (Yasashiikuma’s Girl Best Friend) , Kyan (Yasashiikuma Tibetan Kyanite), Tiger (Yasashiikuma Tiger’s Eye), Jade (Ch. Yasashiikuma Imperial Jade), Topaz (Ch Yasashiikuma Xtacee Topaz) and Cai (Yasashikuma Kyanite So Fair), as her own.   Of course Jade went on to produce Dragoon, the Nautical Litter, and the Scouts

Such a sweet little girl, who wanted nothing more than to catch squirrels and get belly rubs Gale has left such a wonderful legacy.  My sympathies extend to Carrie who loved Gale for the second half of her life and I was glad to be able to see Gale for the last time a couple of weeks ago.

Gale is now pain-free once again, and can hopefully now get closer to catching those pesky tree-rats.   Her daughter Rocky, grandaughter Dolly, and great-grandaughter Cara spent yesterday making corgi snow-angels in her honour.   Goodbye sweet girl, you can now be the perpetual puppy once again.