Selecting a Breeder

Selecting a Breeder


Because I have only ever bred one litter of each of my breeds every other year and only one litter a year I am often asked for referrals to other breeders and what types of questions someone looking for a puppy should ask.

For your help here is a list of suggested questions that may help you in finding the person who can provide you with your new best friend.

Beware the breeder who says “Oh, those tests aren’t necessary – those problems NEVER occur in my line” – they may but the breeder doesn’t know because they haven’t bothered to find out!

Ask to visit with ALL the dogs in the kennel, not just the ones that the breeder chooses to show you. If there is a bad temperament hiding back in a run someplace, there may also be one hiding in your puppies genes. If there is a single dog you can’t touch then run don’t walk to the nearest exit. The only exception to this could be the mother herself being slightly protective – but even she should come around with coaxing from the breeder.

I hope that this information will be helpful. If you can think of any questions that I might have missed that you feel should be added please email me and I will add them to the chart.

Good luck in your search!

Question For Corgis For Wolfhounds
How long have you been breeding/raising… corgis? wolfhounds?
What type of guarantees come with the puppy?    
Are the parents on the premises and can I see them    
On what basis did you choose to breed these particular dogs?    
What criteria do you use in matching puppies with their new homes?    
Do you do any puppy aptitude testing?    
How many litters has this mating produced?    
Has either parent ever had any serious health problems?    
Has either parent ever produced a… Fluff, mismark, PRA or other genetic problem? PRA, liver shunt, or other genetic problem?
What type of temperament do the parents have?    
Are the parents ________ tested? OFA(OVC)/CERF/VWD OFA(OVC)/CERF/VWD
Do you have an OFA/OVC number on both parents? Are they fair, good, or what?    
Has this mating ever produced any unsound pups?    
Have you ever had to take a puppy back from this mating for health reasons?    
Were the puppies free whelped or taken by C-section?    
How much was the puppy handled by humans prior to weaning?    
Do you know of any relatives of the puppy with eye or hip problems?    
Could I please have three references of people who have bought pups from this mating (or the breeder
if it is a first mating)?
What activities to you partake in with your dogs?    
Additional questions if you are looking for a show quality puppy:
What noteworthy wins have your dogs had in the All-Breed, Specialty and Group Rings?    
What distinguishes (in your mind) a pet quality dog from a show quality dog?    

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