About Cardigan Welsh Corgis


About Cardigan Welsh Corgis


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an active, long lived breed. Although they are only 1 foot tall, they should not be considered a small dog, as they weigh from 25 – 50 lbs.

The coat is harsh with a dense undercoat that is shed twice a year. They should be brushed regularly about twice a week to remove dead undercoat.

Colours are brindle & white (brownish with black stripes), black & white, blue merle (mottled blue-gray-black), sable, red or tri-colour (black & white with tan or brindle markings). Eyes must be brown except in blue merles which may have blue eyes.

The Cardigan does well in the city or country, and can even live in an apartment if the owners exercise it regularly. They enjoy playing retrieving games and this makes them a good companion for children.

The Cardigan is a very intelligent breed and is very easily trained, and enjoys activities such as flyball and agility.

Most Cardigans are a bit reserved with strangers, but are good with other dogs and livestock.

Cardigans are prone to very few health problems, but care must be taken with young puppies to avoid back injury due to jumping from heights or being carried incorrectly by children.

The negative characteristics of the breed are that they can be stubborn about housebreaking, although once done they will rarely have accidents, they can become barkers if not trained early, and that unless discouraged they may try to herd people (especially children) by nipping at their heels.

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