He’s playing games again!

The other day I got a text alert from my sister saying “What?”

I was confused and had no clue what she meant, so I opened up my messages and saw that my phone had sent a random text as it does occasionally while in my pocket

It looked like the random jibberish of a butt text until I looked closer

Would it surprise anyone to know that most of Chris’ computer passwords began with the sequence oppoppop ?

i guess he is letting me know that he’s still watching out for me!  I’ve given up wondering how these things occur, I now just accept them.

The Official photos from the CWCCA National

I know that they are somewhat late –


“Jack” – CH Yasashiikuma Jumpin Jack Flash – 1st in Rally Novice A Trial #1, 2nd in Rally Novice A Trial #2


“Dragoon” – Am/Cdn GCH, UK, FR, NL, LUX Ch. Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget – 1st in 7-9 Veteran Sweepstakes

“Hope” – CH Yasashiikuma Dare T’Believe – 1st in 12-15 Sweepstakes

“Susie” – Yasashiikuma Dare T’B Diffrent – 3rd in 12-15 month Sweepstakes


“Taz” – Yasashiikuma Daredevil – 4th in 12-15 Month Dog

“Chronos”  – Yasashiikuma Master of Time – 1st in Amateur Owner Handler

“Gryphon” – Yasashiikuma Heart Of A Lion – 3rd in Open Dog

“Dragoon” – Am/Cdn GCH, UK, FR, NL, LUX Ch. Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget – 2nd in 7-9 Veteran Dog


“Susie” – Yasashiikuma Dare T’B Diffrent – 1st in 12-15 month bitch

“Hope” – CH Yasashiikuma Dare T’Believe – 2nd n Bred by Exhibitor

Jolene – Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Jaunty Jolene – 1ST in Open & Reserve Winners Bitch

Dolly – BIS/MBISS Am GCH/Cdn GCHEX Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid, ROMB, CGN, CGCA, TT, TDI, HIC – 3rd in 9-11 Veteran Bitch

Loss of a Legend

It has been too hard to write about this.  The pictures and videos from the National tell the story of how quickly life can change.   This was my girl on May 10th – happily giving her all as she always did.

About a week after the national she showed signs of a bladder infection, which the vet prescribed antibiotics for.  A week later she seemed better but still had a minor dribble.  When I took her back to the vet, she had gained a pound and had a bit of a paunch.  An x-ray showed a mass, which was devastating.

I took her to the conservation area and we had a walk and a talk for an hour.  I got some pretty photos of her.

And then we went back to the hospital and the vet took her back to hopefully find something that could be removed.  Unfortunately that was not the case, and while she was under I had to make the decision to let my smart, sassy and wonderful girl go as her liver was full of cancer.  How she had gone that long without showing signs I don’t know, but she was the best and now I am trying to fight my cancer with the courage that she fought hers.  My partner was supposed to be with me through the battle, but instead is watching from above

Goodbye my special girl……there will never be another like you.