Meet the Family – Abby – GCH Yasashiikuma Rebel at Conifers

I apologize for the gap in the Meet the Family posts – a few things took up too much time – and there weren’t many posts coming in!!  Here is the story of Abby (formerly Star) of the Biker litter as told by Betty Jean.

Abby 1

Miss Abby – Dale picked Abby out of the X-pen which had 6 other puppies in it, sat down in the lawn chair, put her on his arm on her back and proceeded to rub her tummy. Both were happy and content. While Dale was sick, Abby would lay on the bed with him, sit in the chair, just keep him company. There was an instant love between them.

Abby 2

Unfortunately he was not able to see her win her Grand Championship, but I’m sure he was watching from above.

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