A clean sweep


I did not think that much could top the results of Saturday’s dog show, but I was totally unprepared for the results of the show on Sunday.   I was hopeful when I saw the judging panel that a foreign judge might recognize Dragoon’s quality and be willing to put their neck out to reward him over the more common group winning breeds.   I didn’t even dream about a full sweep!

In the breed, the results were the same as Saturday with the exception that Jack was awarded Baby Puppy instead of Jolene.


This last two points finished Patrick’s Canadian Championship   He is now CKC/UKC Ch. Yasashiikuma I Am Not a Number!  His pictures were so lovely I couldn’t decide between the full profile that showed his lovely arch of neck or the 3/4 head shot, so I had the photographer do a collage to show both.  I adore this boy’s head with its full stop and beautiful parallel planes!

Then we went on to the groups.


First little Jack like Jolene was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Group!


Then Dolly was awarded Best Veteran in Group again!


But the topper was watching Edgar and Dragoon win the Group!   I don’t know if that has ever been achieved before to win all of the groups!

Unfortunately, no love for any of them in Best in Show, but what a thrill to be able to watch all of them in the big ring!

I really could have floated home!

A good day at the dog shows….

Yes, that is not a typo in the title – it is shows (Plural) Yesterday we had a great morning at the Guelph Dog show. DOLLY BEST VETERAN AND JOLENE BEST BABY PUPPY 20150418 small

Jack and Jolene made their official CKC debuts in the Baby Puppy class.   So we had Dragoon with Edgar Best of Breed, Natasha – Winners Bitch and BOS, Patrick – Best of Winners, and Jolene win Best Baby Puppy.    We had a judge substitution at the last minute and our judge for the day was Kristi Francis of Stonecroft Pembrokes. 

Going into the group we had representation in Adult, Veteran and Baby puppy and did well in all of them!  Dragoon and Edgar got a Group 4, Dolly was Best Veteran in Group and Jolene got Best Baby Puppy in Group which was a very pleasant surprise because there were some really nice baby puppies in there at the upper age limit of the class!

So, since in Canada you must stay or lose your wins, we stuck out the day to the bitter end.  No love in Best in Show for Dolly or Jolene but they both had a blast.  Dolly has turned off “motherhood mode” and turned back on “show dog” mode.  🙂  She’s a little naked but hopefully will have some sort of coat back by Nationals.

Then I get home and get some great international news that the family was represented well for the day in Europe also.

Dolly’s grandsons, sired by Darren, won CC/BOB and Res. CC over in the UK.  And in the Netherlands Fritz, another grandson sired by Draco was BOB, and Toby, a Dragoon grandson and Dolly Great-grandson was Reserve.

I am so pleased to be able to contribute a small portion of the success of these owners 🙂

So today is another day – not showing quite as early – and hopefully as successful as yesterday.

White Bread, Brown Bread, Line-bred, In-bred

A while back I took part in a survey of breeders for the American Cardigan Handbook which discussed the different styles of breeding – outcrossing, line-breeding and inbreeding and how different breeders utilized the different types.

Two of the questions I specifically remember were:

1) Which type of breeding has been your most successful – to that I answered inbreeding. (Grandfather to Granddaughter)

2) Which type of breeding has been your least succesful – and to that i answer inbreeding (Grandfather to Granddaughter – in fact a repeat breeding).

While that may sound ridiculous to some, the exact same breeding that produced Dolly, and little Rocky, repeated a year later, produced 5 wonderful pets – a mis-marked female, a a fluffy boy, a boy who just didn’t cut it, and two lovely boys with a pair of testicles between them.

Since the time of that survey I have had even more successful breedings taking the progeny of #1 and outcrossing in different directions.

So today I took this picture of Dolly, Dash and Jack.   I posted it with the comment that Dolly doesn’t produce puppies – she produces carbon copies of herself!  You have to excuse the muddy window that is a constant at this time of year!

Dolly Dash Jack cropped

How does she manage to do that – especially when bred to almost totally unrelated dogs? In fact there is a fourth mini-me that wasn’t in this picture – Patrick.

Each type of breeding has its own purpose.   My goal has been to take a fairly tightly line bred girl to a male of similar phenotype (what we see), but with more strength in the areas that the dam is lacking and a totally outcrossed pedigree – or as much as possible.

So how has this looked on paper?   I have done two grandfather/grandaughter breedings.  

The first was between Hunter and Ruby.  This produced the Gemstone Litter with a COI of
23.11%.  In that litter were Canadian Champions Yasashiikuma Imperial Jade and Yasashiikuma Xtacee Topaz, as well as Yasashiikuma Tiger’s Eye, who was lost due to an unfortunate accident.


When Jade was bred, she was bred to AM GCH Heart of Gold Power Play – a dog who himself had a COI of 13.4066%, and with some common ancestry in the 3rd and 4th generation.  This resulted in two litters with a COI of 12.58%

The first breeding produced a singleton puppy Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget (Dragoon). Dragoon is a champion in six countries including Canada, the USA and the UK, as well multiple group placer, #9 in the US for 2014 with limited showing, and winner of multiple specialty awards.

Dragoon - Gr 1 - McKinley KC

Dragoon – Gr 1 – McKinley KC

Repeating the breeding produced Yasashiikuma XIV K Scoutshonor (Baden) and Yasashiikuma Savannah Smiles (Savannah), RWD at the Tucson National and both American Champions and Russian Champion Yasashiikuma Do A Good Turn (Bronya)

Baden Win Pictures-page-001  Savannah Win 2014-page-001
 Bronya Russian Champion 20140512

Dragoon bred to Libby (Cdn Ch C-Myste Baledwr Yasashiikuma Liberty) produced Athena with a COI of 15.8277%, Canadian Champion and a miniature of her dad

Athena summer 2014When bred to an outside bitch he produced AM GCH ALD Speed Racer with a COI of 10.61%, also a multiple group placer and #8 in the US for 2014


Now onto the second close breeding and what has come as a result of it.  

This breeding was between Hunter and his granddaughter Am/Cdn Ch Yasashiikuma Scirocco.   This is the breeding that produced Dolly (Am GCH, Cdn GCH EX Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid, CGN, CGC, TDI, HIC, TT) as well as her litter sister “Little Rocky” (Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Emerald Mountain) both with a COI of 26.48% which is the highest that I have ever done.

BDIC dolly rockyjrnc

Dolly was then bred 4 times – each time to a totally outscrossed male of similar phenotype with a goal to adding more bone, and rear angulation

The first litter was sired by GCH Twinroc Santa Paws (Dickens) and resulted in a litter with a COI of 8.05%.   In this litter were Am/Cdn Ch. Yasashiikuma Dare to Dream Big (Dash), Am/UK/Hung/Lux Ch. Yasashiikuma Telltail Dbledare (Darren), Am GCH Yasashiikuma Dancehall Doctor (Justin) and NL/HU/HR Ch. Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender (Draco).  A multiple group placer, Crufts winner, two world dog show BOB winners, and a dual champion.

Dash Open Bitch CWCCWR 2013 Justin - Group 2 - June 2012 
DARREN 2013_WCC_BOB Draco_april2012_11 

The next litter (actually “lit”) was a singleton sired by Am GCH/Cdn CH Kingsbury’s I’m Harry P which produced Cdn Ch Yasashiikuma Trade Secret (Cara) who has a COI of only 2.65%.  She also has both her US majors showing only at specialties.

Cara small

Dolly’s third litter was sired by Am Ch. Joseter Grassanmore.  These puppies are just over a year old and have a COI of 9.69%.   The puppies that are being shown are UKC CH. Yasashiikuma I Am Not A Number (Patrick) who earned two 4-point majors on the Western Reserve Specialty weekend, Yasashiikuma Codename Intrepid (Duffy) who earned his first major at the supported entry in Raleigh last month, Yasashiikuma Diamonds R Furevr (Sean) who has just earned singles, and Yasashiikuma Femme Fatale (Natasha) who has been only shown in Canada.

Patrick Lorain KC 20140810121714_0001 Duffy BOB 20150124
Sean July 2014 Madison OH Natasha CWCCA 2014

 And finally the last litter born in December which was sired by Am GCH/Cdn Ch. Telltail Like a Rolling Stone (Mick).   This litter has a COI of 8.10%, and there are 4 puppies that will be making their debut at the Nationals.

Jack off side

Yasashiikuma Jumpin Jack Flash

Angie off side

Yasashiikuma Angie of Heulwen

Jolene judges side

Yasashiikuma Jaunty Jolene

Jacob judges side

Yasashiikuma Hwy Heading South

Four diffierent sires for four different litters resulting in puppies with an inbreeding co-efficient from a low of 2.65% up to 9.69%.   Yet the desired phenotype was maintained, and the desired improvments were achieved.

The next goal in the process will be to line breed the puppies from these breedings to set the improvements.   By going so far out on my outcrosses, I have left myself lots of opportunity to go in different directions.  I can breed these puppies together since the inbreeding co-effiecients are so low, I can breed a Dolly puppy to a Dragoon puppy (which is a plan for 2015), I can take a puppy to a progeny of one of the other puppies (planned for 2016). 

One of the problems I have seen over and over with breeders, in all breeds, not just Cardigans,  is that they breed themselves into a corner – leaving them no where to go when  a problem appears, such as a health issue.   By taking these bitches to good outcrossed males, I hope that I have avoided that issue in the future….but only time will tell!



A celebration of Duffy!

Sometimes the dogs who are not here at home get missed on the blog, so today I would like to post a celebration of Duffy (Yasashiikuma Codename Intrepid) who is co-owned with Gayle Petrick. Duffy was Pierce from the Spy litter, and went home with Gayle last winter on the one weekend that didn’t have a blizzard! He took his time to grow up, but has definitely come into his own in 2015! Duffy UKC Group 1

On November 8, 2014 Duffy won a Group 1 in UKC competition to finish his UKC Championship 🙂

Duffy BOB 20150124

Then January 2015, Duffy went Best of Breed in Pennsylvania.   Even between these two photos there is an amazing change in him.

Duffy first major Raleigh 2015-03

And then in March 2015, Duffy was Best of Winners at the CWCCA supported entry show in Raleigh, NC to pick up his first U.S. major.

Gayle has done such a wonderful job bringing this boy along.   Her patience and training has been the sole reason for his successes!  Congratulations Gayle and Mr. Duffy – I can’t wait to see you next month!