The Glamour Pics

Yes Dolly and Mick definitely made beautiful music together!   I am absolutely thrilled with this litter on every level.   Not only are they one of the nicest and most consistent litters I have had – but they really are all GOOD puppies (there – I’ve put it in print and they will all now turn into little horrors!!)

So without further ado – I would like to introduce:

Angie judges side

Yasashiikuma Angie of Huelwyn – “Angie”

Angie will be leaving our -30°C northern climate to go and live with her Daddy in Florida.

Yasashiikuma Hobo's Meditation - "Freddie"

Yasashiikuma Hobo’s Meditation – “Freddie”

 Freddie is fluffy – and will be going to live with his half-sister Dixie from Dolly’s first litter in London.

Yasashiikuma Honky Tonk Angel - "Fudgey"

Yasashiikuma Honky Tonk Angel – “Fudgey”

 Fudgey will be going to King City to live with Anne and John.  She will have a Great Dane for a cousin and also get to be around horses, both of which I am sure she is going to adore.


Yasashiikuma Unlikely Angel - "Gabriel"

Yasashiikuma Unlikely Angel – “Gabriel”

Unfortunately Gabriel’s DNA came back as fluffy – so he is going to be available as a pet.  There are a couple of people interested in him – I just need to make a decision on where he will go.

Yasashiikuma Jumping Jack Flash - "Jack"

Yasashiikuma Jumping Jack Flash – “Jack”

Jack is going to be staying here for now.

Yasashiikuma Coat of Many Colours - "Jacob"

Yasashiikuma Coat of Many Colours – “Jacob”

Jacob is a really pretty boy available to a show home.

Yasashiikuma Jolene - "Jolene"

Yasashiikuma Jolene – “Jolene”

Jolene is staying here with me and Dolly!

Yasashiikuma Joshua - "Joshua"

Yasashiikuma Joshua – “Joshua”

And last but definitely not least, Joshua will be going down to live in Toronto with Clarissa and Anna

The decisions on this litter were very hard.   All of the puppies seemed to get the best from both parents, and placements came down to matching the best personality to each of the families they would be going to live with.  Both Lori and I are very pleased how the parents complemented each other and gave their best to this litter.