24 hours and all’s well!

IMG_0282[1]We are just nearing the 24 hour mark and all is well.   The puppies are nursing well, Dolly is relatively comfortable and I actually got about 3 – 1 hour naps in overnight 🙂

So what else do you do when you are sitting an watching puppies?  You come up with names for them!

The three girls are going to be Jolene (the one with the dot on the head), Angie (the girl with the point on the back of neck) and for now Fudgey (the whale), who will be Honky Tonk Angel.

The boys have a lot of “J’s”.   There will be Joshua – the big red/sable boy with the black  mask.   Then the red brindle will be Jacob for his Coat of Many Colours.   The darkest of the brindle boys with the huge white collar will be Jack – for  Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The other two boys will be Gabriel (Unlikely Angel) and Freddie (Hobo’s Meditation)  They  look identical from the top except Gabriel has a wider collar (and a heart on his tummy like Patrick!)

I will try to take some individual pics – but hard when they are so tiny!




They’re here!!

We made it through Christmas, which saved the puppies from ending up with Dolly Parton Christmas songs as names, but today Dolly was just not “right”.  I did several monitoring sessions with her that showed some contractions, but she wasn’t really showing signs of hard labour. 

I called my clinic, and we decided she should come in anyways.  To me the most important thing was that Dolly come through this last litter safely.   However, being a holiday, the clinic only had one technician on.

So I put a call out to the dog show community via the ShowDogsOntario and CanadianShowdogs list, as well as asking on Facebook if anyone was available to assist at the delivery.  It is important to get the puppies stimulated and breathing as they also get some of the anaesthetic through the mothers bloodstream.

One thing that has to be said about the dog show community is we come to the aid of each other when the need arises, and today was no different.



It only took minutes to have volunteers to help and a huge thank you has to go out to (left to right) Rear – Al McFadden, Peggy Wallace, Lin Hawkyard,  Lynn & Norm Wolter and Sharon Roberton, and front Megan Groves and Kelly Ryan.

With all these wonderful people available reviving the babies was a smooth assembly line process and in less than 5 minutes we had eight screaming healthy puppies.

Dolly took a little longer to come though the surgery as she had some adhesions and seepage from her prior C-section that needed to be repaired, but thanks to Dr. Emily she came through just fine also.



So there are 8 perfectly marked beautiful healthy babies.


There are three brindle girls – one with a dot on her head, one with a point on the back of her neck, and funnily enough one with a white “whale” on the back of her neck (I will get a better picture of it later!)


Then there are 5 boys.  One is red, two are dark brindles with big wide collars, one is a red brindle with a star on the back of its neck and the other brindle has a narrower collar.

All in all a lovely group of puppies, from two wonderful parents, and I am very excited to see how they are going to grow.

As previously planned, because the parents are “Dolly” (Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid) and “Mick” (Telltail Like a Rolling Stone) the theme of the litter will be Dolly Parton and Rolling Stone songs.  I have a list and just need to decide who is going to be who!

And here is the first “Awww….” shot.    This was taken while Dolly was stiil coming out of anaesthetic, and the puppies were nursing under a blanket.  One popped his head out to say ‘Peekaboo!” 🙂




Snake pit!

It was a bit of an exciting morning around here.  Dolly had her monitoring session early this morning and it showed she is starting to have minor contractions.  Then I headed down to the vet to have an X-ray done to see how big a load she is actually carrying.

On the trip down  Dolly started seriously panting.   I thought it might have been because she was feeling squooshed in the front seat, or maybe it was too warm, but when we got to the vet it continued, and she lost her mucous plug.   So in addition to the x-ray we also pulled a progesterone test.

The X-ray shows what I suspected….it looks like a regular snake pit in there – and feel free to give your guesses!!!  Her weight is up 15 lbs – based on my 1.5 lbs per puppy that would be 10!

Dolly Preg Xray - Dec 24.14

It looks totally possible that there may be a Christmas litter in the house this year!


It seems there was a bit of a miscalculation in dates – Dolly is NOT due on December 30th – her first due date is December 27th!!


Monitoring time

Monitoring time

We are now up to multiple monitoring sessions per day to watch for the beginnings of labour since the last two sessions have each shown one contractions.   It looks like there is a serious possibility of Christmas puppies.


Dolly 1014122303

Dolly says “I can’t wait to get rid of this watermelon!!”

 Dolly 1014122304

…..and there is NO dignity when you are pregnant!!