Upcoming Concert News!


BIS/MBISS Am. GCH/Cdn. GCH Ex Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid, CGN,CGC, TDI, TT, HIC “Dolly”

 She’s a little bit country….


  He’s a little bit Rock and Roll….


Mick frong
AM GCH Telltail Like A Rolling Stone “Mick”


Making beautiful music together!

Watch for exciting upcoming news of a concert planned for December 30, 2014!

 Concert Producer:

Shelley Camm

Yasashiikuma (Perm) Reg’d

(519) 923-2681



Dormitory syndrome

doggy pms

It’s a well known fact that when any group of females lives under the same roof, their cycles will change over a period of time until they all come into the same cycle.  In humans I guess that is the Creators way of saving the lives and/or sanity of the males in the household (Modern Family did a funny show on this).  In animals it is so the flock, pack or herd all raise their young together.   For dog breeders it’s to drive us to the brink of insanity!  Not only do we have our plans all messed up but every boy in the house loses their brain function for the entire stretch of time!


I have been waiting for four girls to come into season that are of breeding age and I have found suitable Daddies for any of them .  Their cycles were due from as far back as February – but there have been no hormone princesses for almost a year which in some ways has actually been quite nice!    No lovesick Irish Wolfhound tenors every two hours!

 All that has come to an end   The first of the hormone princesses was bred last week, and now another is in season!   Daddy’s parents are on high alert so “daddy in a tube” can be shipped.

For those on the waiting list expect late February or early March to be bringing home your bundle of joy!  

For me – it’s going to mean the guys with the butterfly nets should be making a space for me in the spring!!