Uterus for rent (Warning: Breeder Rant)

This has been a very sad week for me, and as much as I want to “let it go”, the betrayal of two people I considered friends, and the fate of one of Dolly’s puppies has me very upset.

Some of you have commented on the change in my adoption policies, and I am sorry that I will be disappointing people who have wanted a show puppy, but the emotional toll of this latest drama is more than I want to go through again.

Dolly has only had one bitch puppy that I have placed in a show/breeding home.  Her name is Yasashiikuma Driving Ms. Daisy.

Driving Miss Daisy 2 Driving Miss Daisy 1Unfortunately, although she is 3 years old, these are the last photos I have of her, at 7 weeks.  In all this time despite numerous requests I have never seen another picture of her.  

This all started with Lori Kopreski who originally wanted a puppy from another litter, but that didn’t work out.  We had been in regular communication for several years, and I agreed to put her on the waiting list based upon the highlighted promises in this email (full email is still on my machine)

Loris emailIt seems that the “promise” was worth about as much as the electrons it cost to send that email.  

The owner has had health issues, and so I bent my own rule (since I thought I knew her) and allowed her to be transported by a mutual friend, without having a signed contract in my hands first.  Even though I admit that was a mistake, truly a contract is only of value if you have the money to enforce it.  What a contract really does, is set out the expectations and desires of all parties.  I felt that had already been done in the email above.   When the mutual friend dropped off Daisy, her purchaser reiterated to her the conditions under which she was purchasing her, so she cannot say she did not know.

Due to illness, and other life situations Lori has never, to my knowledge shown Daisy.  As I said, despite many requests and promises, I have never seen a picture of Daisy.   I was frustrated when she showed other dogs,  but said nothing when Daisy was still not shown.    I made offers to take her back, and to show her but did not get replies.

I commiserated on my frustration with Penni Adrian (Elyan Cardigans).   Little did I know that she person would go behind my back and arrange to “lease” Daisy, for a breeding.

Now for those who don’t understand, a lease agreement is where a bitch or dog, is given to someone else for the purpose of showing and/or breeding for a set period of time.  This person can do what they want with the dog during that time, iincluding breeding and registering progeny.   In the case of a bitch, it is basically a “uterus for rent”.  In this case the purchaser gets a puppy back.

When I initially heard of this arrangement, I was upset by it, but thought that I could appeal to the integrity of Lori.  I sent this email:

Hi Lori,


This has been eating me since for quite a while so I am going to get it off my chest and put it behind me.


See the email below that you sent me when you wanted a puppy from me.  You promised to show her, and to decide with me where she would be bred etc.


I trusted you as a friend, to not force you to sign a formal contract.

 (I have trimmed here to not name people involved)

What I hoped, was that the purchaser would say “Oh yes, you are right, I did make that promise and I will abide by it”.    Instead I basically got  “go take a long walk off a short pier”.   There were excuses about why Daisy was not shown, there were more issues, in the purchasers life, but not one statement about having violated the promises made in the email.

Since I obviously could not appeal to her to have integrity and live up to the promises she made, I tried to work on the other side.  I made it known, I was not in favour of this breeding, that I expected Lori to live up her agreement, or at least return the dog to me if she was unable to.   Penni said that she felt the arrangement was in the best interest of Daisy as it would get her out of the kennel, and would give her a chance to put a title on her to count towards Dolly’s ROM.   For me, the ROM is not important.  Yes, I would like to see Daisy out of the kennel, but not at the cost of providing puppies.   As this has progressed I have gotten more and more upset over the situation.  On Tuesday night I received an email saying if the situation bothered me that much, Penni would not do the breeding.  I was relieved, and then shocked on Wednesday when that decision was reversed

If Daisy is in a bad situation, she should be returned to me as per our agreement.  If the purchaser doesn’t want her anymore, here is public notice that I will refund her money and take her back (and I usually don’t refund money on adult dogs!).   But it is eating me alive, to think of a baby I brought into this world be used as nothing more than a uterus for rent.