The Legacy of a Legend

Left to right: Yasashiikuma Trade Secret (Cara - Harry P x Dolly), 3 months, Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid (Dolly - Hunter x Rocky), 5 years, Yasashiikuma Scirocco (Rocky - Toby x Gale) 9 years, Merrymoon Firestorm (Hunter) - 16-1/2 years, Phi-Vestavia Storm of Yasashiikuma (Gale - Hunter x Gloria) 13 years, Yasashiikuma Friend of Mine (Amigo - Harvey x Rocky) 3 years, Yasashiikuma Dare to Dream Big (Dash - Dickens x Dolly) 17 months


This has been a very weepy week for me for a number of reasons, but started with one major one.   I’ve kept this pretty much to myself, but I think everyone has the right to know.  Everyone who has a dog from me that is still alive, has a Hunter child, grandchild, great-grandchild or great-great-granchild.   Those who have Chase puppies, Pilot puppies, Brett puppies, Amigo puppies – you all have Hunter in your family trees.

This picture is one branch of my Hunter legacy.   Gale, on Hunters left, at 13-1/2 is  Hunter’s daughter from Gloria.  On his right, is her daughter Rocky at 9.   On the other sides of Gale and Rocky, are Rocky’s children Dolly and Amigo.  And on each end are Dolly’s daughters Dash and Cara.  His blood runs through the veins of many great winners, and so many kennels now that I have lost count.  He has definitely left his mark on the breed.

Hunter has been doing very well.  Although slower and hard of hearing, he still enjoys his constitutionals around the yard, still eats well and a month ago had a blood panel done that was healthy for a dog half his age.

But last Sunday afternoon, Hunter had a grand mal seizure.  It was the first (and last) that I’ve seen, so he hasn’t been put on any anti-seizure medication.  However, discussions with my vet are not good news, and the likelihood is that Hunter has developed a brain tumour.  It’s horrible to feel so helpless, that there really is nothing that can be done.   Even if I could afford extensive tests, surgery and chemo, it would not be fair to put him through that, and would not realistically extend his life.

So the choice is, that as long as he enjoys his constitutionals, eats well, enjoys his bones and is pain free, I will keep him with me.   When he no longer has that quality of life it will be time to let him go with dignity.

Good job, Hunter, good dog!


Good news!


News this morning is that Jon has fit in like he has belonged all his life, so it is safe to say that he has a new home 🙂   So nice to have some good news.   Enjoy the rest of your life in your new home buddy – you deserve it!




A busy week!

This has been a particularly busy and stressful week, and its actually been very nice to have a lot of photos of the babies coming through on phone, email, facebook.

First good news!  It looks like Jonathon has found himself a home!  Jonathon has gone home for a trial with Kristine and Zack.   From these pictures you can pretty well see that he has selected them 🙂



The babies are all growing up so fast and I’ve got lots of new photos of the Olympic kids.

This is Ben with his two boys.   He is growing so big!!



Next we have Miko (formerly Goldie) with her big sister (actually great aunt!!) Lola.   Lola was Kirby  from a two puppy litter I had many years ago from Gale and TM.

Looks like you need to scoot your bum over a few inches Baby, or you are going to slide off that couch !   Lola, while leery of the interloper at first has accepted her totally.


And here is the latest of Zeus.  Zeus is attending puppy school and we hope to have him out in the show ring this winter. Look at that lovely front assembly!   But its his sweet nature that is most attractive to his family.


As for show puppies,our keeper Athena made her debut at the Montreal shows.  Canada now has a baby puppy class, and Athena made her ring debut, along with Junior handling with Matt.  Are these two not the cutest pair?




And finally, we had an unexpected stop at the dealership yesterday   Walking back to my car I noticed the tailpipe and muffler had separated.   I was on my way back home from taking “the triplets” to the vet for their final shots. Since I didn’t want the puppies in the truck while the airgun was being used to remove the broken bolts, I took them into the waiting room with me.


I’m afraid the boys did not do a lot for the “Lesser Corgi Society” making sure that everyone that came in thought Cardigans were the best dogs in the world.

These three are still looking for forever homes.  On the left is Spirit, in the middle is Victor (Dragoon’s Mini-me) and on the right is Torch   I am looking for show homes for the two brindle boys, and a pet home for Torch.   If anyone is intersted in more information please contact me.






Hypothesis, theory or fact?

I’ve gotten a few pictures lately and they bring to mind something that I’ve believed, but never had proof of.

First is Naomi, playing nursemaid to her Daddy Tom, who has just undergone some surgery.


The next picture was of Lady, o rather Lady Bug  :), having a nap with her Daddy, Bob.


Last weekend, I went down to see Debbie in Michigan, and apparently Libby has decided she is Mike’s dog.  But she does ask Debbie’s permission before abandoning her to go with him the minute he walks in the door.


So what I have always believed, is that with exceptions like Chip who is a “mans dog”, it seems that the girls seem to be drawn to the men in the house, and the boys to the women.    I live with both, and have to admit that Dolly is my closest buddy, so it could be that my household is just the exception.    But then of course there IS only me in the house, so they don’t have a choice between people.

So I am really curious – are your Cardigans attracted to the opposite sex, do they gravitate to the people of the same sex in the house, or do they really not seem to care?