An aptly named little girl

As any of you who have puppies from me know, each litter has a theme that the names all fit in with.   For me, it helps to quickly remember which litter a puppy comes from, as well as its maternal lineage.  For example, Dolly (Smoky Mountn Maid) is from the Mountain litter, out of “Rocky” who is actually Scirocco.  Scirocco was part of the “Wind” litter who was out of Gale (PV Storm of Ysashiikuma) and she is a daughter of Hunter (Merrymoon Firestorm).

Sometimes the themes are planned well in advance, and sometimes they take a total turn from what I expected because of other events.  For example, Abby (Cinnamon Heart) was supposed to have a Spice litter – but they were born at the beginning of Hannukah, so her first litter was Hannukah names, and her second was Spice names.

Libby’s litter was supposed to be Freedom fighters, but since they arrived with the opening of the Olympics, they became an Olympic litter.

So because the father was a dog named Admiral, Jade’s second litter was Nautical names – Skipper, Captain, Jib, Naomi James (first woman to sail solo around the world), Jessica Watson (Youngest Woman to do the same), Grace O’Malley (Irish Pirate Queen), and Genoa (Jenny) – a sailor’s term for the jib sail.

Smetimes the names really come to fit.

Jenny has adopted by a sailing family and has become a sea dog 🙂  She apparently is just as comfortable on a boat as she is on land.