Pupdates July 28

I have once again been out of touch for far too long, and there has been a lot going on.

There are two new litters in the house – both Jade and Libby have had beautiful litters.

Jade had a litter by c-section on July 8th.   There were 5 boys and three girls, but unfortunately despite tremendous efforts to save him, we lost one boy at a week.  Sometimes it is so hard to know whether to expend the money and effort to try and save babies, but when in the midst of a crisis there is no thinking about it – you just do it.

Because this litter is from Lady Jade and Powell – they are a Scouting litter. (Think Lady Baden-Powell).  So we have Lady, Cookie and Brownie as the girls, and Baron, Badger, Stetson, and Cub as the boys.


These guys are at my favourite age, just starting to notice each other and play, but they still haven’t gotten into the messy stage.


The other litter was born overnight from the 26th to the 247th.   Originally the theme for this litter was going to be freedom fighters based on the fact that their parents are Dragoon and Liberty.   However, just like Abby’s first litter intended to be spices, and ended up as the Hannukah litter, Libby’s puppies came on the eve of the Olympics which changed the theme.   So Libby has six boys – Torch, Flame, Victor, Zeus, Spirit and Big Ben, and three girls also – Athena, Goldie, and Nadia (the tiny one)


You don’t realize how quickly they grow.   Every time I see them they seem to have doubled in size.


This is Stetson from Jade’s litter, and Athena from Libby’s.   I call this Kissing Cousins – although the relationship is kind of complicated.  Stetson is a full brother to Dragoon, therefore Athena’s uncle.   But Jade and Libby are both Hunter’s daughters, so they are cousins, too.  Kind of feels like that “I’m my own Grandpa” song.   It is amazing that in three weeks, that much growth can take place.  If a puppy weighs 8 ounces and put on an ounce a day – then they are gaining 12.5% of their body weight each day.  Can you just imagine a human going through that type of growth   A human baby born at 7 lbs, with that type of growth would weigh 32 lbs at two weeks  and 239 lbs at a month old!

This is the older crew in quiet time.


Starting from the puppy at 6:00 and going clockwise, there is Badger, Cookie, Lady,  Browniie, Cub, Baron and Stetson.

Now that Libby’s babies are ensconced in the living room – Jade’s babies have been moved to the larger whelping box in the kitchen.

Jade takes her role as “Nosy Mother In Law” extremely seriously.  When she is not taking care of her own kids she is trying to check in on her grandchildren.   I’m sure Libby has been told that she doesn’t keep her children or her house clean enough (Jade is Supermom) and that she isn’t feeding her children enough.  Libby absolutely refuses to leave the whelping box!