Another CC winner and an upcoming epic European battle

Last summer I had two wonderful litters and the puppies are approaching their first birthdays in the next few weeks.   There have been some phenomenal wins by many of the puppies,  and already many best of breed wins in North America and Europe.  Some of the puppies were pulled from competition so that they could continue to show in classes at the specialties, and one has already achieved a Dutch Youth Champion title.

This coming weekend, two of the boys who have gone to Europe and had amazing achievements of their own, will meet once again in a head to head battle 🙂

Draco (Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender) has just come off a show weekend where under UK breeder-judge Sarah Taylor, he was awarded his first CC for the U.K.     He was handled to this win by his owner Rachel Dijkhorst, who has already taken him to many Best of Breed wins and his Dutch Youth Championship.

Draco winning Best Male under Fran Fricker (Kerman, UK)

Norton, (Yasashiikuma Born to Be Wild) is a more recent emigrant, having stayed in North America for 10 months, and showed two weekends ago at his show in Denmark.   His new co-owner Joan Rogers was very excited to be awarded Best of Breed and earn HIS first CAC towards his Danish championship.

Norton winning Best of Breed in Denmark - May 5, 2012

This weekend, for the first time since my riding accident in October, the two cousins will meet again. It will be fun to see if they remember each other, or if six months is just too long a separation.

However, they will both be in competition for the Junior World Winner title, at the World Dog Show in Salzburg, Austria. There will surely be lots of other good competition, but I will be rooting for my two little Canadian representatives.

Hopefully good news to follow on the weekend!

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