Photos over the last week

This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post as a little bit of a catch up.

Last week before I left for Raleigh, I had a photo session done with Jonathan Cowper to get a photo for an ad I want to do.  As is usual I had a very hard time selecting the picture I want to use – it was a hot and sunny day (85F in March is NOT normal for us!!), so Dragoon was proudly showing off his tongue.   These are the ones I finally ended up with:



The other pictures I wanted to share were those of my winners when I judged last weekend.  These aren’t the official photos, obviously, but I did have some wonderful dogs to select from.


Best in Sweepstakes - Foothill's Handy Man


Best of Opposite in Sweeps - CADNOCLUN'S MAGNOLIA AFTER DARK


Best in Veteran Sweeps - GCH Telltail T for Two