The Puppy Formerly known as Harley

I received some pictures from Gayle yesterday of Bling – the puppy who was called Harley from the Biker Gang.  All I can say is WOW!!  I am certainly looking forward to seeing this little guy in April!!

I would definitely say that this is a breeding that “clicked” 🙂   I am very impressed with how both “Harley/Bling”  and “Norton” have turned out.  It will be interesting to see the Biker kids all together at Nationals and let them all have a good rumble together again.


He doesn’t live up to his name – thankfully!


Many times I have said that you should never name a puppy something that you don’t want it to be.  For example – “Hunter”  – the diabolical engineer of  The Great Chicken Massacre.

So I took a real risk naming this boy Yasashiikuma Born to Be Wild  🙂   But Norton is anything but wild.   He is the sweetest, most biddable puppy boy you could ever want to meet.  EVERBODY, and I mean everybody!!, is his best friend and he has to say hello, at ringside, in the ring, it doesn’t matter.  He just knows everyone really wants to pet him, but are too shy to approach him first.  🙂

Unfortunately, I am in a home with too many boys for one person to handle, and Dragoon will be home shortly from his European tour, adding more testosterone to the fire.   Plans are nearly final for Norton to go over to Europe after the American Nationals.   Of course after all this time, I am really going to miss this little dude and his antics, but I’m sure he will have a great career and be well loved over there.   Unfortunately there is absolutely zero competition availabe in Canada right now, so while I was hoping to maybe send him over as a Canadian Champion, that might have to wait until he comes back to pay a visit. 


A new year and a new family




 Aero had only one thing on his list for Santa.  He wanted a kid of his own, and he was very disappointed when he woke up and it was still just me at home.  But Santa made up for being late with Aero’s present by giving him not one but TWO kids of his own.  Welcome to the Anwyll family!   Aero is now a city boy, but appears to be very happy to give up the county life for his dream of having kids of his own.