The Biker Gang – June 25, 2011

Rebel was the first puppy – and is named for my first bike. 🙂

Aero has a little arrow on the back of his neck pointing up.  It also happens to be the name of my second bike 🙂

The biggest black boy is Harley.  This may have been a mistake, as he was the most obstinate and difficult about having his picture taken.  I dread to think what he’s going to be like when his eyes open!

Shadow is the first of the black female.  She has a blaze and socks, but no body markings

On the other hand, Max has the  maximum amount of allowable “chrome” with the colour coming to the edge of his eye.


Norton is the second of the black males. He has a nice collar and socks.

Star is a brndle female. She also has very little white other than the face and socks, just a tiny little white star on the back of her neck.

Ascot is the last of the black boys and has a full white bib and collar

The last of the girls is Ariel. She is a brindle pointed tri with a collar AND a star on neck

Breeding heartbreak

Unfortunately the last boy of Libby’s litter didn’t make it.   🙁

Poor little Gunner succumbed to an unknown malady last night.   He was born #11 of 12 – and neither 10 or 12 took a breath.  The only thing that I can think of is that there was sme problem in that part of the horn, or that even though they were born fairly rapidly, the placentas must have separated too long before they were born.

Here is Libby with the gang, individuals will hopefully follow over the weekend.