Sailor girls, first show

Hard to believe that the babies are growing up and ready to show but the girls attended their first show on Monday. It was a limited entry back to back show (2 shows on the same day).

In the first show Naomi got her first point, and Buddy was defeated for Winners Dog. The puppy who won WD was also BOB, and by default, Best Puppy.

It’s not a bad picture of Naomi, but she is going through an ugly growth spurt where her bum is way higher than her shoulders, which is also throwing off her topline.

In the second show the results were complete reversed. Buddy was WD, BOW and Best of Breed – and he now needs a single point to finish his championship. Gracie was WB for a point.

Both girls behaved perfectly, and thought the show was put on in their honour so that they could make all sorts of new friends. The only problem being that because of Brogan, they have NO issues walking up to ANY dog at the show and asking if they want to be friends 🙁 YIKES!!!

Connect the dots….or the skulls and spines

I was getting a little concerned because I was only hearing one heartbeat with the doppler, and Dolly wasn’t getting very big, yet in the last week she has all of a sudden exploded!!  There is no question anymore that she is pregnant but I decided to do an xray check to see what is going on.

You will probably need to click on this to make it full size and easier to see.   Usually the trick is to count heads and spines, and try to match them up.  Its a litle more of a challenge when you have this jumble, plus the xray should have been done a few days later for the skeletons to be more calcified.   The vet tech thought she saw 5, maybe 6 – and those are the easy ones to pick out. The vet thought she saw 6 maybe 7.    I’ve been looking at this really closely (of course!!) and there are 8 and possibly 10 in there.  Here are the ones that I see:

And Libby is looking pregnant too! Yikes!

Sailor girl


This is Jenny (Yasashiikuma Genoa) from the Nautical litter with her new mom out sailing.  For those not into sailing the Genoa is another name for the Jib sail.  Sometimes the names just really fit the puppies!

And on dry land she is just as happy!   Good girl Jenny! 🙂