A final CWCCA video

The first dog in this video clip of the Parade of Title Holders is Hunter – the grand old guy is now 15!   He sure doesn’t look it 🙂

Hunter’s and his descendants had a great specialty

He was 3rd in Veterans 11+ (the next youngest dog being 2 years younger) and 2nd in Stud Dog.

His daughter Dolly was Select Bitch and Award of Merit.  Sons Chase and Pilot were Best Brindle dog in Megan, and Award of Merit.

A Hunter grandaughter was Winners Bitch.  Grandson Dragoon was Open Dog.  I’m not sure what other awards went to his descendants – but I think this was a pretty impressive list on its own!

Dolly visits her roots

We couldn’t pass through Tennessee on the way home without taking the opportunity to do some photos 🙂





Dolly says: Bring on the visitors!!

First stop was the Smoky Mountain visitor centre. Dolly figured that was where people would come to visit HER, so she was a little disappointed. What could be more ideal than a sign with the Canadian emblem on it for her? (The red maple leaf for you non-Canuck types!) The people there were very nice and gave me maps and told me of other locations that might make for nice photos.

Dolly says: Now this is more like it! They are showcasing ME!

 Next stop was the Chamber of Commerce office.  Unfortunately not a lot of colour out yet, and a bit of a dreary day, but Dolly thought it was kind of cool that she rated all this attention.

Dolly says: Did you know they named this place for me?

What could be a more suitable location for photos of the princess than the place who’s name she bears?  (Sorry to disappoint you yet again Dolly, but its the other way around).

Dolly says: At last …fans!!

It was pretty well the end of the business day, and this gate keeper was nice enough to let me park my van and take some photos without paying an entrance fee when I explained my mission to her.  Dolly just loved her because she knew all the good “skritch” spots!

Dolly says: She’s pretty – but I’m prettier!!

This is as close as I’m going to ever get to a shot of Dolly and Dolly 🙂

And our parting shot….what could be more perfect?

The Official photos

Thanks to the efforts of Lois Demers and Lisa Croft-Elliott  Dolly and Dragoon had a very successful specialty!

Due to a change in ring procedure from previous specialties Dolly needed her own handler, so Lisa Croft-Elliott stepped in to assist Lois and take over when all of the specials needed to be in the ring at the same time, piloting Dolly to Select Bitch and Award of Merit. She was one of only two bitch specials selected for the final line up out of 73 Specials – 41 dogs, and 32 bitches.

Dragoon and Lois won the Open Dog class. Dragoon will be taking a vacation to Europe for a year to go stay with Lisa and Carrie and show in Europe. Its going to be very quiet around here without Da Goon, but I think it is a great opportunity for him and I know that he will be well cared for over there, and he will have the opportunity to contribute to the overseas gene pool. Hopefully when he comes home he will have some more maturity and be ready for a specials career here.