A humourous selection of of 4 week photos

Yesterday and today the puppies are going to be having their first visitors that are coming to play with them, and not just babysit.   We tried to take 4 week stacked photos yesterday, and basically every puppy right now looks like a BOS winner (Better Off Spayed!!).  So rather than show the puppies at their worst – here are a selection at their cutest.

 Captain says: But I HEARD you say “Cheese”!

Skipper:  If I don’t stand still you’re going to do what?!?!

Naomi:  This is what I think of the stacking box!



Jessica:  Let me sing you a song!

Skipper:  Lap time Nap time is a good thing



When I grow up I’m going to look like this guy!

Oh look – it’s a Mini-me!

The puppies of Blurdom

Well the first shot at the stacking box had mixed reviews. First some of the puppies did not want to co-operate despite being bribed with the very best President’s Choice goat cheese. 🙂 Jib especially gave us a hard time and had to have two photo sessions to get one semi-decent photo. Then, it turns out the lens I chose wasn’t focusing properly – so hopefully you can see “beyond the blur”.